Review: Greed: The Mad Scientist : Not my Cup of Tea. PC

I must put a disclaimer before I begin, I don’t like hidden object games, I feel they are best reserved for supermarket bunkers and BigFishGame type sites, that being said I will review Greed: The Mad Scientist on its merits and not on my dislike of the genre.

Greed: The Mad Scientist offers everything you would expect from a hidden object game; all games in this genre function the same, so I won’t review those aspects.

Greed: The Mad Scientist … Read Full Article “Review: Greed: The Mad Scientist : Not my Cup of Tea.”

Tags: #Puzzle

Review: Super Chains: Oddly Relaxing PC

I must admit to groaning out loud when I was offered this game via curator connect.

I honestly don’t think connect 3-4 games belong on steam, but this particular title offers enough uniqueness to make it worth a play, and while it won’t be winning a game of the year award anytime within the next millennium it provides enough challenge to keep your interest.

My personal favourite was the level which required you to keep a flow of beads/balls from … Read Full Article “Review: Super Chains: Oddly Relaxing”

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Review: Dragon Kingdom War: Please no more Bejeweled games… PC

I miss Yahoo messenger but…

Bejewelled was excellent for its time, a flash game beloved on a million dodgy websites, we get it, everyone loved Bejeweled on yahoo messenger or “my awesome arcade”, but the trend of regurgitating it over and over, with a new wrapper by hundreds of small-time indie devs has to stop.

Aww Man, here we go again.

This particular regurgitation is Dragon Kingdom War, a mobile-esque title that mostly consists of playing connection 3 and occasionally … Read Full Article “Review: Dragon Kingdom War: Please no more Bejeweled games…”

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Review: Masters of Anima : Fantasy Dictator Simulator PC

Laws against this type of thing.

In Masters of Anima you control armies of up to 100 guardians, sending them to their poor green fiery deaths against golems of several variations, some of which are pretty inventive, reminiscent of MMO mechanics with Tanks, CC, Healers, DPS both ranged and melee, its very well formulated and plays incredibly smoothly, the game-play is easy to pick up and difficult to master, the story is very tongue in cheek and feels like a … Read Full Article “Review: Masters of Anima : Fantasy Dictator Simulator”

Review: Adam’s Venture Origins: A decent Christian videogame?! le Gasp! PC

Gonna Preach to me Bibleman?

Adams Venture is at its core a Christian game,so if that offends you and makes you no longer interested in the title, that’s actually rather sad and says more about you as a person than about the game itself, games are games and to exclude a very good puzzle game just because the religious content is like to refuse to attend a sporting event because the guy next to wears a t-shirt you don’t like.… Read Full Article “Review: Adam’s Venture Origins: A decent Christian videogame?! le Gasp!”

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