Review: Age of the Empires II – Definitive Edition PC

A Return to the Familiar Past.

Age of the Empires II – Definitive Edition is the 3rd release of Age of the Empires 2 and honestly, this is what Age of the Empires II – HD should have been, graphics have been given a total overhaul and look beautiful in 2019, the audio score has been given a polish and the familiar crackle/hiss of Age of the Empires 2 music is thankfully missing.

Age of the Empires II – Definitive … Read Full Article “Review: Age of the Empires II – Definitive Edition”


Review: Hell Let Loose – Squad’s Foxy Granddad. PC

The perceptive among you will notice this is an almost exact copy of my Squad Review, and you are right, Hell Let Loose shares the same good and bad points as Squad, including the insufferable elitist elements of the community.

Not so much a Game as a Simulation.

Hell Let Loose is the WW2 Mil-Sim fanatics dream come true, the selection of weapons is impressive and each handle differently, like their real-world counterparts, with more realistic reload and recoil system … Read Full Article “Review: Hell Let Loose – Squad’s Foxy Granddad.”


Review: Outlaws of the Old West – 6 Months Later. PC

Dedicated Developers.

Outlaws of the Old West is clinging to life, and while the dedication of the developers is admirable and updates continue to flow, with Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to steam in a matter of days and major Ark Survival Evolved DLC launching soon, it will see a strain on its regular userbase as fans of the wild west genre, wild west pvp, and survival genres flock to other titles.

It’s a real shame, out of all the … Read Full Article “Review: Outlaws of the Old West – 6 Months Later.”


Autochess: Better than Dota UnderLords? PC

Hands down AutoChess would be far easier to pick up than Dota Underlords if not for two major issues.

The first issue is the community seems almost entirely Chinese speaking, I have yet to encounter a single non-Chinese player, so for non-Chinese speakers, there is little to no form of community or in-game chat/banter.

The second is the constant disconnects and reconnects. I am talking nonstop, I suffered through 30+ disconnects in 70 minutes, and while I could reconnect and … Read Full Article “Autochess: Better than Dota UnderLords?”


Review: This Land Is My Land: A Journey of a Thousand Steps. PC

This Land Is My Land is an exceptional game, and I am delighted to have received a review key from the developers, it’s right up my alley and gives me vibes of games like Mount and Blade Warband, Farcry and more.

This Land Is My Land is built on Unity Engine, but surprisingly isn’t awful, it’s one of the better-looking Unity games I have played, The character models wouldn’t look out of place in a AAA title.

How does it

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Review: Payday 2 – An Uphill Struggle PC

The Elephant in the Room.

Payday 2 is a good game, the fact it maintains a hefty CCU of 25-35k throughout the day 6 years after release is a testament to its longevity and the dedication of its fanbase, that being said Starbreeze/Overkill is in bad shape, Overkills The Walking Dead was not a bad game, honestly with a little more time I could have become the best 4 player Zombie co-op game, Robert Kirkman’s decision to yank away The … Read Full Article “Review: Payday 2 – An Uphill Struggle”

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