Review: Forza Horizon 4 : Off to the Races! XBOX

A little background

Back in 1999, I fell in love with Gran Turismo 2. I loved everything about the game. I ran it all from endurance to time trial,s but then my love faded as the Playstation One generation died so did my interest in console games outside of the Star Wars games by Lucasarts.

Grand Turismo A-Spec never captured my attention, and apart from the occasional Mario Kart or Sonic Racing game, my racing games have been behind me … Read Full Article “Review: Forza Horizon 4 : Off to the Races!”

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Review: Need For Speed Payback : Fast and Furious EA PC

The Fast.

EA knows how to make a good game, hate on them all you want for their sometimes odd business practices, but EA titles are rarely mechanically shoddy or graphically anything short of gorgeous, need for Speed Payback is your classic racing games with a really cheesy story to boot, every character seems more like androids who sprout witty banter that sounds more forced than a politician saying sorry.

The cars handle great, the tracks are gorgeously designed, and … Read Full Article “Review: Need For Speed Payback : Fast and Furious EA”

Review: The Crew 2 : The Fast and Infuriating PC

The Fast…

The Crew 2 looks, feels and sounds like a Triple-A title from the moment you start, from the voice acting in cut-scenes to the silky smooth handling of cars, the entire title oozes quality from every pore, outside of the core racing element the mechanics of gaining followers, unlocking new parts, costumes, races, vehicles and more keep you wanting to come back time and time again for more to progress further in your career, the Multiplayer aspects however … Read Full Article “Review: The Crew 2 : The Fast and Infuriating”

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