Review: Heat: Not Exactly Selling like Hotcakes. PC

Saying it upfront, wait for Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC.

Might as well start the review off with the facts, it’s better to wait 18 months or so and play RDR2, however, if you can’t wait to get your rawhide on, let us take a look at code}{atch latest early access attempt.

For this review we will not over-focus on the failure of starforge or the less than stellar track record Reign of Kings, the Devs have managed to … Read Full Article “Review: Heat: Not Exactly Selling like Hotcakes.”

Review: Fractured Space : A Polished Product without Market Appeal. PC

Boldly going where no man has gone before.

Fractured Space is one of the most polished and well-developed failures in steams recent history, if any game deserved to do well it was this one, and yet far from doing well, the game has struggled to break 350 peak CCU in recent months, matchmaking times are often measured in the 10s of minutes vs minutes and its only peaked over 1k once in near 2 years, for a game with 500k+ … Read Full Article “Review: Fractured Space : A Polished Product without Market Appeal.”

Review: The Mean Greens – Plastic Warfare PC

A Hidden and Neglected Gem.

The Mean Greens – Plastic Warfare never made much of a splash in the online multiplayer pvp scene, perhaps people felt it would be childish, maybe they expected an army man like game with a campaign, there could be a dozen or more reasons why such a solid title simply never generated a sustainable player base.

A fantastic Unreal shooter.

The combat is simple to pick up, yet a challenge to master, the maps are … Read Full Article “Review: The Mean Greens – Plastic Warfare”

Review: H1Z1: Played out all my Cards PC

H1Z1 is not a bad game. Honestly, it never was a bad game, while many better games have surpassed it, it doesn’t remove the fact that in and of itself H1Z1 is not a poor quality title.

Then why is it dying?

Its dying due to 2 main factors, the first is better titles like PuBG, and Fortnite has surpassed it, the second is some poor directional changes by the developers, a Ferrari going the wrong way is still a … Read Full Article “Review: H1Z1: Played out all my Cards”

Review: Tiger Knight: A Decent attempt, but no cigar. PC

The old Switcharoo!

Initially this game was released under another publisher as Tiger Knight Empire War, it sold a bunch of reasonably pricey DLC, and then sunsetted about a year after release, the developers, however, took it upon themselves to relaunch the game,this brought about  many changes, including re-launching with the Chinese version of the Tiger Knight, (with localization) as well as combining all servers into a single international server.

The game also swapped from a buy to play model … Read Full Article “Review: Tiger Knight: A Decent attempt, but no cigar.”

Review: Guns of Icarus Online : Keep Holding On…. PC

Tenacity your new name is Guns of Icarus.

Guns of Icarus Online is nearly 6 years old, and apart from a few fluke weekends has never done well, it’s all-time high is from May 2018 with over 100k ccu, it usually hangs around 100 ccu average and 4k free weekends, what causes the game to rocket to 100k+ for a few days is a mystery, the game certainly isn’t a bad one, in fact, the graphics, game mechanics, and sound … Read Full Article “Review: Guns of Icarus Online : Keep Holding On….”

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