Review: The Outer Worlds : A Modern Classic XBOX

It feels like 2005 again.

2005 as an excellent year for RPG gamers, with Knights of the Old Republic fresh in our memories and Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords having released in US Dec 2004 and EU release Feb 11th 2005, the world was graced by one of the greatest RPGs of all time, and while Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords  was rather rushed, and in places missing large amounts of content, it still … Read Full Article “Review: The Outer Worlds : A Modern Classic”

Review: Ashen: Dark Souls-Lite XBOX

Hint of Absolver.

Graphically the world feels like Absolver, which is an ocean of high detail games is not just an oddity, but an overdue and very welcome one, the lack of texture detail, simplicity of the soundtrack, and world design adds a haunting vibe that makes the game feel both primordial and whimsical, yep you got me using fancy words here A44!

A dab of Dark Souls.

Narrative wise the world is very much the dark, dying world of … Read Full Article “Review: Ashen: Dark Souls-Lite”

Review: Wolfenstein : Youngblood XBOX

No its not SJW propaganda you moron.

This point cannot be stressed enough, the presence of female leads no more signals its SJW than a white lead makes a game right-wing, really both viewpoints are extreme and are held by ridiculous people who get equally triggered over nonsense.

For too long the majority of game protagonists were white males, and for some, the balancing out of the genre by addition of non-white/non-male protagonists is seen as a hostile take over, … Read Full Article “Review: Wolfenstein : Youngblood”

Review: A Plague Tale: Innocence – Games could be the next Movies. PC

Before we Begin.

Now before you jump into a movie-loving frenzy of hatred and revulsion, I am not saying movies are an obsolete medium, I believe for as long as man endures there will always be a need for movies, plays, books, and yes games, all these share one common thread, stories, as Tyrion says in the Game of Thrones Final Episode, A story cannot be killed or conquered, it unites people, this is true, not because the dwarf son … Read Full Article “Review: A Plague Tale: Innocence – Games could be the next Movies.”

Review: Vampyr : The Moral Quandariesof a English Vampire PC

Hero or Villain?

After playing the game i cannot fully answer, am i a hero or a simply a villain in denial? do i make things better or worse in the long run for the people i swore to do no harm to? to avoid spoilers, its best you simply play the game and decide for yourself.

Choices Matter.

Finally a game where your choices matter not only for cosmetic difference, 4 different endings to aim towards and no easy … Read Full Article “Review: Vampyr : The Moral Quandariesof a English Vampire”

Review: Path of Exiles: Diablo MMO?! PC

“Path of Exiles: Diablo MMO?!” Hows that for a click bait title? And while it is partially true, the game-play is one of the best Non-Diablo ARPG on the market, its free to play with an incredibly fair system, relying mostly on convenience and cosmetic sales to keep afloat, it sells no items which provide a direct competitive edge in its cash shop.

Boring stuff out of the way, how is it?

Its a very solid and pretty title, combat … Read Full Article “Review: Path of Exiles: Diablo MMO?!”

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