Review: Hell Let Loose – Squad’s Foxy Granddad. PC

The perceptive among you will notice this is an almost exact copy of my Squad Review, and you are right, Hell Let Loose shares the same good and bad points as Squad, including the insufferable elitist elements of the community.

Not so much a Game as a Simulation.

Hell Let Loose is the WW2 Mil-Sim fanatics dream come true, the selection of weapons is impressive and each handle differently, like their real-world counterparts, with more realistic reload and recoil system … Read Full Article “Review: Hell Let Loose – Squad’s Foxy Granddad.”

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Review: Argo: Poor Mans Arma 3 PC

TL: DR there is no reason except not being able to afford Arma 3 to play Argo.

Argo looks exactly like Arma, plays like Arma and even feels like Arma.

The problem is Arma is built upon human interaction and customer server modifications, Argo lacks both of these quantities by a full mile and then some.

Argo is not a bad game, it is just an empty and feature incomplete game, the sample sized piece of chocolate cake that leaves … Read Full Article “Review: Argo: Poor Mans Arma 3”

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Review: Depraved: Not Good, Not Bad, Simply Depraved. PC

In No Way a Bad Game.

I need to start by saying that the developers of depraved have done an exceptional job of bringing the wild west genre to life as a city builder, they deserve a round of applause for even attempting a Wild West pc game.

Wild West as a setting is vastly underrepresented and is far from the safe bet settings like Fantasy, American colonisation or Modern-day, except for Red Dead Redemption 2 name another successful Wild … Read Full Article “Review: Depraved: Not Good, Not Bad, Simply Depraved.”

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Review: Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt PC

Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt is a solid mobile style city builder, reminiscent of the facebook city builder games made popular in the late 2000s.

If this was the benchmark for which the game ascertained, then it met its goal and did so with grandiose, flare and pageantry befitting a king.

Being the king is all well and good, but do you want to be the king of decade-old social media and mobile games?

If you want a solid, … Read Full Article “Review: Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt”

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Review: theHunter: Call of the Wild XBOX

Lets start off this merry little trip into the forest by saying that theHunter: Call of the Wild is visually stunning, it is one of the most scenic games I have ever played, and the ambient soundtrack teleport you from your chair in mothers basement all the way to the richest and most vibrant hunting grounds in the world.

How does it play?

Technically I found some of the controls to be a little tricky, I went into it with … Read Full Article “Review: theHunter: Call of the Wild”

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Review: BattleFleet Gothic Armada : Not everyone’s cup of Tea, but a fine Cuppa. PC

Reminds me of the Church, just with more elves and less singing.

The campaign in itself is well written with gorgeous painting style cutscenes and excellent voice acting, the overall campaign feels very religious, and while as a follower of Jesus Christ and therefore a “believer/ religious being” I didn’t find the story offensive, however those who despise religion may find it uncomfortable.

That’s not to say the God-Emperor of Warhammer 40k is anything like God the Father revealed to … Read Full Article “Review: BattleFleet Gothic Armada : Not everyone’s cup of Tea, but a fine Cuppa.”

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