Review: Dawn of Man : A Good Start, but its not the End PC

A great start, but needs work.

Dawn of man is the natural progression of the gameplay made famous by banished, it’s a heck of a lot less dull and at points its fantastic, however for all its good points it still suffers from the same fundamental flaws of games of these genres, they are Ant farms, and while this particular ant farm actually needs you to do things every so often, it’s very much a wait and see similar, you … Read Full Article “Review: Dawn of Man : A Good Start, but its not the End”

Review: JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION: Ant Farm with Teeth. PC

I liked it, but I also didn’t.

JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION barely qualifies as a game, in the same way, banished and Anno hardly qualifies as games, while the latter adds at least a deep economic side, JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION is left feeling overall like watching a massive Ant farm that occasionally pokes you to do something.

What gameplay there was, is excellent, graphics and score are gorgeous and overall it’s a quality title with a wide array of tweaking possible, but … Read Full Article “Review: JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION: Ant Farm with Teeth.”

Review: L.A. Noire : Aged like Fine Wine PC

It’s showing its age but showing it well.

L.A. Noire is getting on in years, and despite relaunch and remasters today we focus on the Pc release, it’s not a cutting edge game graphic wise, but does it hold up in other areas?

Watch my eyes.. they are up here.

To me, the game is all about the investigation elements the combat, and car chase frankly bore me, as they feel unnecessary, I often use the auto drive feature as … Read Full Article “Review: L.A. Noire : Aged like Fine Wine”

Review: Life is Feudal: MMO vs Your Own PC

Two games, basically the Same.

Life is Feudal games are basically the same, craft, shape the world, fight players, creatures, build things, look like a disease-ridden peasant, get stuck in the landscape when you dig too deep, fall off cliffs, get stuck in landscape when you dig too deep, feel epic and powerful till you have your butt handed to you by a feral rodent.. get stuck in.. wait have I mentioned getting stuck in landscape yet?

Overall the developers … Read Full Article “Review: Life is Feudal: MMO vs Your Own”

Review: Don’t Starve, Alone or Together! PC

So much alike, decided to review these together!

Yes, its kinda cheating but Don’t Starve series is pretty much the same game, while the together has improvement, both share a lot of the same good points, so we shall review together!.

Playing Alone.. eat your cookies!

Random generated maps, ability to save whenever you want, no one to steal your pine cones, Don’t starve is perfect for those who are anti-social or cannot play very often, the cookie art style … Read Full Article “Review: Don’t Starve, Alone or Together!”

Review: Savage Lands: A Decent Unity Early Access Survival Game PC

Let’s start. It’s doomed to fail.

Savage Lands is a thoroughly OK survival game it offers a reasonably decent building system which is closer to The Forest than games like Ark Survival Evolved, placing down blueprints and then dropping off resources until the building is complete, crafting is functional and straightforward, and while character models are nothing to phone home about, they look alright for a unity project.

2 of the Major problems with Savage Lands is the Lack of … Read Full Article “Review: Savage Lands: A Decent Unity Early Access Survival Game”

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