Review: Escape from Tarkov – Hardcore Scavenger Simulation PC

Prepare to Die…A lot

Tarkov how I love you, how I hated you, my review of Tarkov is a little late as it took me about a week to get good enough to stop wishing I could have refunded, the learning curve is no gentle ride, it is uphill, hold onto your liver and hope not to bleed out, massacre, and that’s on the easier maps..

The game is a semi-open world PVP with full loot drop on death, scavenging … Read Full Article “Review: Escape from Tarkov – Hardcore Scavenger Simulation”

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Review: Total War: Warhammer PC

Journey to the World of Warhammer

The latest entry in the Long-running Total war series by The Creative Assemblies, praised as groundbreaking by some, as watered down by others, we will be taking a look at total wars first dip into the world of Warhammer as the gaming world prepares for the soon release of the sequel Total War: Warhammer II, we will be focusing on Gameplay, Pricing, DLC Controversy, Presentation.


Having played every Total War title released, I … Read Full Article “Review: Total War: Warhammer”

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Review: Fortnite – Fresh from the Oven PC

Fortnite is the next big thing, I am saying calling it now, Fortnite will become a genre-defining entry in the survival/team-based co-op genre, having played over 100 early access/beta titles often  suffer laggy servers, dismal frame rates, slow matchmaking times, unfinished or unpolished gameplay mechanics, Fortnite suffers from none of these launch day woes, having played from the 4 day founders early access I had an excellent chance to experiment with various aspects of the game, this review will be … Read Full Article “Review: Fortnite – Fresh from the Oven”

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