Review: Outlaws of the Old West – 6 Months Later. PC

Dedicated Developers.

Outlaws of the Old West is clinging to life, and while the dedication of the developers is admirable and updates continue to flow, with Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to steam in a matter of days and major Ark Survival Evolved DLC launching soon, it will see a strain on its regular userbase as fans of the wild west genre, wild west pvp, and survival genres flock to other titles.

It’s a real shame, out of all the … Read Full Article “Review: Outlaws of the Old West – 6 Months Later.”

Review: Rune II : If a Tree Falls in the Woods…. PC

Well, that’s different.

Rune II, the sequel to the cult classic Rune launched to such little fanfare it seems half of the gaming media didn’t even know it was out, and the other half didn’t care, even Reddit is not talking about it, with the exception of the hiveminds who hate anything on epic store, they would rant about an emote being 1px misaligned for a good 400-500 comments, yet even they are barely talking about Rune II.

In fact … Read Full Article “Review: Rune II : If a Tree Falls in the Woods….”

Review: Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey – Monkey See, Monkey Do PC

A Beautiful Work of Fiction

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, Evolution as the origin of humanity is a work of fiction in and of itself, while there are some who champion the possibility of a proto-man race from before the advent of Adam and Eve, such as the domain of scholars and theologians to argue out.

That being said the ability for races to adapt and to show creativity is very much in line with the creationist view of origin of … Read Full Article “Review: Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey – Monkey See, Monkey Do”

Review: Dark and Light : ARK’s nerdy little Brother. PC

The first and most significant challenge when playing Dark and Light is finding a server with a population over 0, it would be safe to say 90% of servers have less than three people who even log in at all, but if you look deep, you will find gems like Ark. Life 25x server, while not massive the pve server community seems to be around 100-150, and often you see 15-20+ online even off-peak, with their PvP server lagging a … Read Full Article “Review: Dark and Light : ARK’s nerdy little Brother.”

Review: DayZ : The most exciting walking simulator ever… PC

Now I am not going to overly address the fact DayZ was in Early access for near five years, as honestly, it was an embarrassment to the gaming community, not that the game took five years, rather that the steam/Reddit community couldn’t grasp the concept of development takes time.

Five years is a perfectly acceptable time for a game to be in early access when it is of this scope, that being said, let us jump into the review.


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Review: Outlaws of the old East (West). PC

Same old Story “China #1.”

Outlaws of the Old West was showing great promise, its userbase was growing by the day, and reviews while only mixed were leaning towards an overall positive tone, and then… the Chinese came.

Don’t get me wrong this is nothing about race, I know many Chinese Americans, Chinese from Europe, parts of Asia etc. who would never cheat, but it’s not racism to see what is right in front of you, opening up a game … Read Full Article “Review: Outlaws of the old East (West).”

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