Survive2Thrive: Rune II Infinite Loot Glitch.

The information below is accurate as of the 15th of November 2019.

Starting my Rune II offline adventure felt very much the same as every other survival game, bashing away rocks and tree’s to get the necessary materials to progress, that was until I found the epic  unkillable tree and rock of awesomeness,  who bestow unlimited wood, pine tar, iron ore, flint and stone upon all those who have time and determination to smack a tree for obscene amounts of … Read Full Article “Survive2Thrive: Rune II Infinite Loot Glitch.”

30 More Hours on Conan Exiles. PC

Its been a while since I wrote a Surive2Thrive entry, but I assure you it’s not due to lack of surviving and at times thriving!

My most recent foray into the world of survival games takes us to Conan Exiles, I have spent 30 hours in the last 2 weeks scratching out a living from the cursed exiled lands, luckily I was not alone, joined by my tribe of fellow exiles we have begun to carve for ourselves a piece … Read Full Article “30 More Hours on Conan Exiles.”

Atlas : 60 Hours playing with friends. PC

Ahoy mateys, I have returned to the seven salty seas of Atlas, a world of angry man babies and confused Ark players who think that only a season pass to Ark (with clearly defined contents) entitles them to own everything even remotely survival-related from Wildcard till kingdom come.

With that out the way, I will now chronicle my near three days (60 hours) playtime on the OverPowered Atlas unofficial server!.

A little too much

Right off the bat, I need … Read Full Article “Atlas : 60 Hours playing with friends.”

Review: Dark and Light :My First 6 Hours PC

I am a massive fan of ARK: Survival Evolved and believe wildcard/snail games can produce some outstanding games, that being said, my review of this game was mixed at best.

Signs of Life.

Finding a server that was no entirely dead was my first step on this journey, and honestly there are not many servers with any real population left, one official and 1 or 2 unofficial per region at best, finding a server with regrettably high boost rates I … Read Full Article “Review: Dark and Light :My First 6 Hours”

Dayz: My first 6 hours in Chernarus PC

My character was created, my anticipation was at boiling point, I had found a server that had a great ping and population, and eagerly hit connect, this was it, my world of adventure was about to begin, only seconds away…

I spawn.. somehow in the middle of a forest, in a rainstorm… in the middle of the night.. not the best start but.. it could be worse, opening my bag I lit my flare and…

I was headshot, it seems … Read Full Article “Dayz: My first 6 hours in Chernarus”

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