Review: Anthem: Bioware hasnt changed, we have. PC

Ok, that is a slight exaggeration, everyone and everything changes, but the massive shift in the relationship between gamers and Bioware is mostly the fault of Gamers.

Gamers have become Cheap.

Its true, while the price of everything from Bread to cream cheese has gone up over the years game companies are expected to keep their prices below $40 or be called “greedy”.


Yet these same gamers will spend $8 at Starbucks on a cup of caffeine and sugar … Read Full Article “Review: Anthem: Bioware hasnt changed, we have.”

Review: Gears 5 : A classic of the 10’s and just in time! XBOX

Cutting it close

With only a few months left in the 2010’s games that haven’t already established themselves will have to get off to a running start to be listed among the best of the decade.

Rocket League, Rainbow Siege 6, Grand Theft Auto 5, Red Redemption 2, Overwatch, PuBG and Fortnite solidly cemented themselves giants of this decade.

I didn’t expect we would see much to shake up the playing field so late into the decade, yet Gears of … Read Full Article “Review: Gears 5 : A classic of the 10’s and just in time!”

Review: World War Z Review: Another Win for Epic Game Store PC

A good twist of fate.

Its often the case that a zombie game is unpolished campy and feels like the B movies of yesteryear, And with few exceptions we haven’t had a solid 4 man co-op game of this calibre since Left for Dead 2, with well written and designed co-op missions, coupled with a solid and amazingly fun PvPvE mode that is what I have been after for years, the frantic feel of the Walking Dead, my only wish … Read Full Article “Review: World War Z Review: Another Win for Epic Game Store”

Review: Fear the Night : Hopeful about this one. PC


Yes, Snail games the greatest evil since Emperor Palpatine because… no one is sure, but it usually includes Reddit REEee about they are making money (that’s what a successful business does, making money = more development = more games for us) or for releasing a game into early (alpha) access that is.. of alpha quality.. shocking I know.. When will devs learn and start releasing finished/bug-free games into a program that allows early access to alpha/unfinished … Read Full Article “Review: Fear the Night : Hopeful about this one.”

Review: Warframe: the Poor Mans Destiny? PC

Warframe is very much like Destiny in an entirely different way… no that doesn’t make much sense, so hush up and let me finish.

Both games are loot focused shooters, and while they have different styles of combat (first vs third)and even a very different approach to Loot, they play out surprisingly similar in mission structure and overall mechanics.

Dying Side by Side.

The game is co-op, which as you know always earns big points in my book, I love … Read Full Article “Review: Warframe: the Poor Mans Destiny?”

Review: Gears of War 4 : Seriously Good. PC

Yes, it’s so good I didn’t even need to think up a witty subtitle, it’s seriously just that good.

But it’s not on steam!

Very good, here is a cookie for you, while steam is an excellent gaming client it’s not the end-all of PC gaming, pc gaming existed long before steam and many other clients offer some fantastic titles that you would be a fool to miss out on, From Origin to Microsoft APP Store, there are some exclusive … Read Full Article “Review: Gears of War 4 : Seriously Good.”

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