Review: L.A. Noire : Aged like Fine Wine PC

It’s showing its age but showing it well.

L.A. Noire is getting on in years, and despite relaunch and remasters today we focus on the Pc release, it’s not a cutting edge game graphic wise, but does it hold up in other areas?

Watch my eyes.. they are up here.

To me, the game is all about the investigation elements the combat, and car chase frankly bore me, as they feel unnecessary, I often use the auto drive feature as … Read Full Article “Review: L.A. Noire : Aged like Fine Wine”

Review: The Misfits – Dismal Low CCU yet High Fun? PC

Let’s start as we mean to go on.

The Misfits is a game in alpha, the CCU is beyond tiny with most times of the day being under 10 people, and peak ccu often falling around 30-40, yet I have to say I LOVE this game, the gunplay, the art style, the game rules, Its merely good, the combat is super fast and simple, and reminds me of the shooters of the ’90s, except in third vs the first person.… Read Full Article “Review: The Misfits – Dismal Low CCU yet High Fun?”

Review: Space Lords : Butts, Butts and More Butts. PC

Raiders of a Dying Game.

Raiders of a Dying Planet, later Rebranded as SpaceLords, really didn’t suck all that bad from the beginning, it suffered from a mix of low player base, and the global market due to massively multiplayer games like Fortnite being free to play, if Raiders had been free from day one, perhaps we wouldn’t be where we are now, as it stands the game is in a state of undeath and one which will most likely … Read Full Article “Review: Space Lords : Butts, Butts and More Butts.”

Review: Strange Brigade : Refreshingly Different yet Comfortingly the Same. PC

The narrator deserves a raise.

Before I get to the meat of the game I have to point out whoever thought of putting a 1930’s radio-style narrator to the game was a genius, the dialogue is snappy and hysterical, taking a subtle jab at the over-dramatic style of 1930’s serials, it simply just works, and must be played to experience just how fun it is truly.

Smooth as butter, as soft as silk.

Everything from character design, to gunplay, mechanics … Read Full Article “Review: Strange Brigade : Refreshingly Different yet Comfortingly the Same.”

Review: H1Z1: Played out all my Cards PC

H1Z1 is not a bad game. Honestly, it never was a bad game, while many better games have surpassed it, it doesn’t remove the fact that in and of itself H1Z1 is not a poor quality title.

Then why is it dying?

Its dying due to 2 main factors, the first is better titles like PuBG, and Fortnite has surpassed it, the second is some poor directional changes by the developers, a Ferrari going the wrong way is still a … Read Full Article “Review: H1Z1: Played out all my Cards”

Review: Dauntless Open Beta: Massive Progress, Not Enough. PC

Here we go again.

Many of the mechanical aspects of the game were covered in our first review. Please refer to linked review below for gameplay review. This review covers whats changed between the two.


The character animations and customization choices have come a long way, they are pretty much fantastic honestly, and while the art style is rather.. unusual it’s incredibly well made, with a lot of care and attention to detail, while I would not personally have … Read Full Article “Review: Dauntless Open Beta: Massive Progress, Not Enough.”

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