Review: Budget Warfare: War never changes, sometimes it just gets cheaper. PC

1) Forts

This game has remained seated unloved and uncared for since receiving it in a bundle, in fact, it wasn’t until seeing a friend play it that I even remembered I owned the thing, it just didn’t appeal to me, and looked like a crappy mobile game and while it could easily BE a crappy mobile game, its a surprisingly good angry birds like experience, mixed with that of Bride Constructor, overall its one of my favourite indie Read Full Article “Review: Budget Warfare: War never changes, sometimes it just gets cheaper.”


Review: 15 Games that died too soon. PC

This game had all the elements of a successful title, and yet despite its rather beefy early access price tag still managed to garner a dedicated community of players, you would think the road an easy one for Clockwork Empires, alas inter-team strife and rumours of money problems lead to Gaslamp game closing down, taking Clockwork Empires with it.

Updates & Bugfixes continue in the form of unofficial community patches.

2) Folk Tale

Folk Tale was a … Read Full Article “Review: 15 Games that died too soon.”

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Review: 10 Indie Games that make me say “now this is Podracing.. emm Indie Gaming” PC

Indie games are a mixed lot, and while some are just as good as any AAA title, some are utter tripe that is a disgrace to your gaming life, whatever the outcome all indie games share a familiar feeling of being made by a small/new team.

This list will look at just 10 of these indie games, a smorgasbord of good and bad for your enjoyment!

1) ClusterTruck

ClusterTrucks reminds me of the type of game that could have been … Read Full Article “Review: 10 Indie Games that make me say “now this is Podracing.. emm Indie Gaming””

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Review: 10 Games that are stranger than your uncle Larry. PC

1) Strange Brigade.

Strange brigade never saw much success, partially due to its substantial price tag and partly due to the man-baby reaction to that price tag, don’t get me wrong, while it was a little on the hefty side price-wise, the games overwhelming quality makes up for that price, at least in the eyes of non-manbabies and Reddit trolls, they are a culture to themselves and hate everything outside their little bubble.

Gameplay aside (which I found very impressive) … Read Full Article “Review: 10 Games that are stranger than your uncle Larry.”


Review: 10 Games that are so gosh darn cute. PC

Perhaps not for the most macho of hardened gamers who rejoice at the slaughter of their enemies and the lamentations of their women, these games are just so gosh darn adorable they need a list of their own!

1) Bomber Crew

Admittedly games about warfare aren’t the cutest, but the adorable graphics and engaging yet straightforward game-play of Bomber Crew make this a game that appears to both lovers of strategy and lovers of cute little sprites, a delightful game … Read Full Article “Review: 10 Games that are so gosh darn cute.”


Review: 10 more indie games you may never play in 2019. PC

1) Die Young

Usually Indiegala sells the type of indie games you wouldn’t want to play unless you were bored beyond explanation, and the games they have produced or worked with are either edgy or downright awful, yet somehow from that mire of awfulness they have built a solid explanation puzzle horror title, a genre I had no idea we really needed, while most horror games take place in small cramped spaces like insane asylums, setting a horror game on … Read Full Article “Review: 10 more indie games you may never play in 2019.”


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