10 games you probably will never play in 2019. PC

1) WeakWood Throne

Weakwood throne is a very pretty game that aesthetically reminds me of the old Playstation Harvest moon titles, while gameplay is nothing like Harvest moon the overall vibe is very much mid to late 90s, game-play wise it is close to an old school Zelda meets open-world RPG, the combat system is functional but not my cup of tea, overall a mixed bag and one that does have a distinct hint of RPGMaker flavour, even if it … Read Full Article “10 games you probably will never play in 2019.”

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10 Steam Games that are barely PC Games PC

Some titles barely qualify as a PC game, they either are mobile ports or are little more than menus and data, these “games” are not bad, simply contain next to no game-play beyond menus and simple mechanics.

1) Tap heroes

A game where you basically click, while the “game” isn’t bad, it’s not really a game at all, and is more akin to the flash games and mobile games of yesteryear, you basically click to earn points, to upgrade your … Read Full Article “10 Steam Games that are barely PC Games”

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10 Games that are worth a second look. PC

Every so often you see a game on steam that looks absolute rubbish, but perhaps at more in-depth inspection, you have found not a lump of coal but a diamond in the rough?

Without further delay here are ten games which we found surprisingly good despite poor first impressions.

1) Wurm unlimited

Wurm looks incredibly dated, and that is for one main reason.. it is terribly dated, with systems that seem ripped from EverQuest 1 it is not everyone’s cup … Read Full Article “10 Games that are worth a second look.”


10 Surprisingly Good, Bad, Awful Games PC

1) Guild of Dungeoneering

A  very cool little turn-based card combat game with an extremely unique graphical look that closer to living pen and paper than any other style, great sprites and game-play mechanics that are unique to the title, such as instead of controlling only your hero, you also must build the dungeon around him/her, providing near-endless replay value, the simple character sprites even change appearance to match equipped gear, a nice immersive feature a lot of indie titles forget … Read Full Article “10 Surprisingly Good, Bad, Awful Games”

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10 Games to fill you with Nostalgia! PC

Gun Rocket

With a simple pallet reminiscent of the earliest PC games Gun rocket provides a “free with windows 98” style gaming experience which was the first PC game experience for many of us, the gameplay reminded me also of the 30 minute AOL demos which as a child without a credit card were a source of both enjoyment and frustration.

Mechanic wise the controls are easy to pick up but for the price provide a pretty decent amount of … Read Full Article “10 Games to fill you with Nostalgia!”


10 Indie Games you may actually like. PC

Adventure Manager

A cute little fantasy based, Tolkien inspired retro management game, which draws inspiration from traditional JRPG combat, while very much the type of game you get 40 of for $1 on fanatical its very much a fun little indie title to pass some time, graphics are retro to the extreme and look like they were created in bitmap, which adds to the games charm.

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

While the game hasn’t aged well, and … Read Full Article “10 Indie Games you may actually like.”


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