10 Pick up and Play games PC

1) Infested Planet.

Infested Planet is a top-down, objective-based single player horde mode shooter with light squad control elements, where what a mouthful.

The graphics are simplistic and very much an indie affair; however, the snappy gameplay mechanics and positional strategy make up for the lack of graphical polish.

The controls and mechanics are incredibly easy to pick up, and overall its the type of game you can jump right into enjoying, without needing to read an entire wiki even … Read Full Article “10 Pick up and Play games”

Review: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious PC

I have enough lists that have some variation of “Indie top 10. Therefore this list shall be called “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, join us as we look at more indie games that escape the trash can and actually provide entertainment value.

But to avoid Disney hounding us for using images from Mary Poppins, we shall instead show a picture of a cute monkey and his pet doggo!

1) Maelstrom

Maelstrom while not officially dead, is as dead as anything could be right now … Read Full Article “Review: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”

Review: 10 Games that give you “Tofu Eating, Finger Clicking, Indie Gamer Cred” PC

1) HackNet

Very few games make you feel like Matthew Broderick, and while that is, not an aspect any game should aim for, the overwhelming feeling of being a 1980s hacker is unmistakable.

It goes without saying that the games GUI is very bare-bones, and graphically its very simple, its mostly screens and terminals, which of-course is perfect for this genre of game, if you are going to play a hacking game, you play HackNet as there are none on … Read Full Article “Review: 10 Games that give you “Tofu Eating, Finger Clicking, Indie Gamer Cred””

Review: 10 Games that make us all glad DOS is a thing of the past. PC

While this list has a few gems, it’s clear that the games were loved in the early 90s and late 80s were pretty awful.

1) Mystical

A vertical shooter with graphics that were cutting edge for the time, while the gameplay is incredibly simple compared to today’s games its a reasonably decent play and one  of the few DOS titles that I would play for entertainment value, and not merely for game archaeology or nostalgia

2)The Great Escape

For those … Read Full Article “Review: 10 Games that make us all glad DOS is a thing of the past.”

Review: Budget Warfare: War never changes, sometimes it just gets cheaper. PC

1) Forts

This game has remained seated unloved and uncared for since receiving it in a bundle, in fact, it wasn’t until seeing a friend play it that I even remembered I owned the thing, it just didn’t appeal to me, and looked like a crappy mobile game and while it could easily BE a crappy mobile game, its a surprisingly good angry birds like experience, mixed with that of Bride Constructor, overall its one of my favourite indie Read Full Article “Review: Budget Warfare: War never changes, sometimes it just gets cheaper.”

Review: 15 Games that died too soon. PC

This game had all the elements of a successful title, and yet despite its rather beefy early access price tag still managed to garner a dedicated community of players, you would think the road an easy one for Clockwork Empires, alas inter-team strife and rumours of money problems lead to Gaslamp game closing down, taking Clockwork Empires with it.

Updates & Bugfixes continue in the form of unofficial community patches.

2) Folk Tale

Folk Tale was a … Read Full Article “Review: 15 Games that died too soon.”

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