Top 10 Indie Games #6

Not every game needs to be a multi-million dollar affair, indie games come in all shapes and size some good, some bad, but they all have one thing in common, they were produced by small teams of passionate individuals.

1) Dog Sled Saga.

Dog Sled Saga is a cute retro spin on the career management genre,

Dog Sled Saga,¬† feels a lot like the Microspose games of the 1990s’ which is fantastic; unfortunately, the music is terrible, with a few exceptions, video game soundtracks from 1990s should be burnt in each of the seven circles of hell. ....  Read Full Article

Is Total War Saga: Troy, Worth Playing?

Total War Saga: Troy, is the second entry in the Total War Saga series, while we enjoyed Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia, the overall community reaction was mixed, will Total War Saga: Troy, fair any better?

That’s One Way to Get Attention.

I love the Total War franchise; I reserve two entire months of gaming nights each year exclusively to Total War games. ....  Read Full Article

Is Vindictus, Worth Playing in 2020?

What makes it worth playing?

Vindictus, offers one of the smoothest combo-based combat systems in the mmorpg genre, despite being over ten years old it holds up incredibly well against games releases in 2020  attacks feel impactful, and the animations look fantastic.

The world design and character models look good for their time. ....  Read Full Article

Is Tera (GameForge), Worth Playing in 2020?

Tera is a special case in the world of MMORPGs; it has two entirely different versions coexisting, with different monetisation, builds, premium currency and publishers.

Today we are looking at the GameForges Tera.

What makes it worth playing?

Tera has very little that makes it worth playing when compared to other free mmorpgs.

Unreal Engine 3 is showing its age, and while you can dress up a pig, there is only so much you can do with an engine that has been in development since 2003, its successor is over six years old at this point. ....  Read Full Article

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