Is PlanetSide 2, Worth Playing in 2018?

The War goes on as long as men hate.

Six years is no small task for a free to play shooter, but Planetside two has almost done it, with its 6th birthday just a few weeks away from it’s ageing well!

How is it looking?

Graphics, weapon design and map design are all fair to good, very much an older AAA title, but AAA none the less, the combat is smooth and lightning fast with a wide array of load-outs and specialisation providing countless hours of replayability. ....  Read Full Article

Is Assassins Creed Revelations, Worth Playing ?

Brotherhood+ Stuff

As with every Assassin Creed game Revelations has retained the base experience of the series, while adding its flair, Revelations is no exception, some of the new additions include a hook blade, which allows you to use both ziplines and to perform longer jumps when parkouring, another new addition is a tower defence type mode to defend your assassin dens from the Templar and their allies while not overly complicated it adds a fun minigame diversion. ....  Read Full Article

Is Secret World Legends, Worth Playing ?

Great concept, odd execution.

The Secret World on paper is a great idea. However both versions of the game suffer from some of the same glaring flaws, we will have a look at the good, bad ugly of both titles, and you may want to put on a lamp and lock the doors before you play!.

Better second time around.

The Secret World had odd combat, slightly wonky graphics due to the ageing funcom MMORPG Engine, and slow game-play, this time it has.. the same combat and graphical flaws.. but at least the gameplay is much faster, a bonus is that you no longer need to pay for episodic content! ....  Read Full Article

Is Minion Masters, Worth Playing in 2018?

A child’s game?

While Minion Masters looks very colourful it is not so much a child’s game but a game for all ages, I would not say for very young as some of the minions can be a little frightening for very sensitive children, combat is blood-free and devoid of all except cartoon violence, when playing against AI there are varying degrees of difficulty, however the game truly shines when facing other players, no two matches are the same, and you may find your previously winning deck won’t be enough. ....  Read Full Article

Is Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade, Worth Playing in 2018?

Not what we Paid for, but still excellent.

I understand we all wanted an open world Warhammer PVP MMO, it’s what we were sold, and frankly, we didn’t get it.

However, the lobby based third-person shooter set in the Warhammer 40,000: universe is excellent.

The combat is smooth, the graphics while not fantastic, look pretty good, and overall the art design is one which remains authentic to the lore, sadly many players felt scammed and a hate campaign began which has destroyed the games already poor reputation. ....  Read Full Article

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