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Review: This Land Is My Land: A Journey of a Thousand Steps. PC

This Land Is My Land is an exceptional game, and I am delighted to have received a review key from the developers, it’s right up my alley and gives me vibes of games like Mount and Blade Warband, Farcry and more.

This Land Is My Land is built on Unity Engine, but surprisingly isn’t awful, it’s one of the better-looking Unity games I have played, The character models wouldn’t look out of place in a AAA title.

How does it

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Review: Surviving the Aftermath: Epic Early Access PC

Surviving the Aftermath is very much in early access, with entire sub-features missing its like playing half a game or eating raw cookie dough, still very good, but you can see what’s missing and the sheer number of missing features and polish will disqualify Surviving the Aftermath for a significant % of players.

Surviving the Aftermath however is not a poor game, and what features and content we do have is well designed, and with the upcoming colony update, some … Read Full Article “Review: Surviving the Aftermath: Epic Early Access”


Review: YLands: Only a Fools Hope. PC

Ylands is sprinting towards its 1.0 release. Honestly, the amount of dedication the development team have shown is remarkable, retaining around 1.5% of its player base, Ylands is far from a success, I would say it borders closer to total failure, and yet the game itself is not to blame.

Dayz, the gritty older sibling of Ylands, pulled a hail mary when it went from Early access to live release, growing its player base massively and even on its worse … Read Full Article “Review: YLands: Only a Fools Hope.”


Review: Special Counter Force Attack. PC

Games like this are more the fault of asset stores than indie developers, and while the blame is almost equally shared between the two, there is a third party to blame in their existence.

Valve shouldn’t allow asset store games like this onto Steam.

Steam Greenlight was not perfect, but it at least filtered some of the games like this from hitting the storefront.

Steam Direct has opened the floodgates to an ocean of low effort asset flips and made … Read Full Article “Review: Special Counter Force Attack.”


Review: Onslaught: Armoured Assault: Ugly & Functional. PC

Onslaught: Armoured Assault doesn’t look like much, but it has it where it counts.

Astehiclaly The art style of Onslaught: Armoured Assault is offputting, I really wasn’t very impressed, the low-poly art style can work at times, but here it really didn’t, and while I know the reason for the art style (the ability to fully customise ships), it doesn’t make it any more appealing to look at.

However, if you can look past the unappealing aesthetic and the fact … Read Full Article “Review: Onslaught: Armoured Assault: Ugly & Functional.”


Review: Rune II DeathMatch Open Beta : Sadly Unimpressed. PC

Get Ready to Rumble!

Over the weekend I had the chance to Play the Rune II DeathMatch Open Beta, and as much as I like Unreal Engine games and as much as I like PvP, something just didn’t click, while i was not expecting the level of polish that games like Conan Exiles offer, the vast gap between the quality of animations in Rune 2 and those in Conan exiles is like comparing a PlayStation 3 to a PlayStation 4, … Read Full Article “Review: Rune II DeathMatch Open Beta : Sadly Unimpressed.”


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