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Lets Be Honest About: False Moral Outrage

2019 was a year where gamers rose up again and again, and most of the issues they rose up over were nothing short of embarrassing, and for the few important issues they rose up over, often they took the wrong side or entirely missed the point of why they were rising up.

In 2019 Reddit/gaming culture you don’t need facts to rise up, you don’t need evidence or even a reason, you rise up and become morally enraged because… your … Read Full Article “Lets Be Honest About: False Moral Outrage”


Survive2Thrive: Rune II Infinite Loot Glitch.

The information below is accurate as of the 15th of November 2019.

Starting my Rune II offline adventure felt very much the same as every other survival game, bashing away rocks and tree’s to get the necessary materials to progress, that was until I found the epic  unkillable tree and rock of awesomeness,  who bestow unlimited wood, pine tar, iron ore, flint and stone upon all those who have time and determination to smack a tree for obscene amounts of … Read Full Article “Survive2Thrive: Rune II Infinite Loot Glitch.”


World of Warcraft Ruined MMORPGs For Me. PC

I used to be what was best called an MMO tourist. I would try every new MMO that released and eagerly levelled through all the content offered, from raids to crafting and in some cases dance classes I did it all and enjoyed every moment of it.

That was until I played WoW, and suddenly my love for the genre was replaced with a passion for a single game and very few others for “change of scenery”.


World of … Read Full Article “World of Warcraft Ruined MMORPGs For Me.”


Crying Wolf: Games in 2019 all Suck?! PC

2019 has brought us a wave of really awful games that suck so bad it’s hard to comprehend how developers have become so lazy, so greedy so… oh wait.. its not them its gamers… gamers have become greedy and lazy, now this isn’t all gamers, in fact, its not even all Reddit gamers, its however the vocal ones who just won’t shut up.

It’s Cool To Hate Popular/New Things.

Everyone has seen the meme #FortniteBad. You can barely go anywhere … Read Full Article “Crying Wolf: Games in 2019 all Suck?!”


2019 is nearly over and I still miss Lawbreakers. PC

A year on paper, 2 in reality.

On paper, Lawbreakers died a year ago this month, but anyone who played the game knows that it genuinely died two years ago shortly after launch.

Lawbreakers were one of the best first-person shooters of the 2010s and what made it so enjoyable was it captured the simplicity of the 90s with a new coat of polish and mechanics that not only didn’t cheapen the core 90s gameplay but enhanced it.

Sadly Lawbreakers … Read Full Article “2019 is nearly over and I still miss Lawbreakers.”


What is an Epic Fanboi according to r/steam? PC

Now let’s begin by describing what a fanboi is, it is someone who has a nearly unhealthy obsession with a single company or tech, often to the point of only wishing to use that tech/company and refusing to use any others, sound familiar?

Something ain’t right.

I have often been called a EGS Fanboi for my stance on pc gaming which is as follows “I will gladly buy a game on whatever launcher it launches on, if its a game … Read Full Article “What is an Epic Fanboi according to r/steam?”


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