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Review: Inquistor – Aged Like Cheap Wine. PC

Inquisitor plays like an elderly Diablo 3 with aesthetics of the early 2000s, and for excellent reason, despite releasing in 2012, it was in development since 2002 according to the developers, and the UI and engine performance expected from a game that is close to 17 years old (including development time).

However, dated aspects aside it is a surprisingly rich CRPG which harkens back to classics like Neverwinter Nights, Planescape: Torment and Baldur’s Gate II.

Fans of the aforementioned games … Read Full Article “Review: Inquistor – Aged Like Cheap Wine.”


Review: Dungeon Defenders II – Now With Extra Sprinkles. PS4

My review of Dungeon Defenders heaped praise upon the first instalment of the series, and every point I made for Dungeon Defenders stands, however, the improvements made in Dungeon Defenders II improve upon the series in every way, from more modern graphics to better combat, its taken what was already an excellent product and kicked it into high gear.

Key Improvements.


Building (green in Df2) manner is now more natural to come by and has a far higher cap, … Read Full Article “Review: Dungeon Defenders II – Now With Extra Sprinkles.”


Review: Dungeon Defenders : The Community Endures PC

Dungeon defenders deserve far more acclaimed than it had ever received. While it maintains a small stable community and one which is very dedicated to the game, its CCU rarely passes 300 off-peak, and hover around 500 at peak times.

While 500 CCU is nothing to sneeze at for an indie game that is pushing eight years old, the extraordinary thing about Dungeon Defenders is the Community Development Team, who has faithfully volunteered to keep the game updated with new … Read Full Article “Review: Dungeon Defenders : The Community Endures”


Review: Crimsonland: Indie Garbage Heaven! PC

Anyone following my reviews for the past three years knows how much I like games that are so indie they squeak, games which are not only indie garbage, but screech that status proudly into your face at a volume that could wake the dead.

They are the type of games you never think you will enjoy but find once you play them, they fall into that mindless fun category that keeps you coming back again and again.

Crimsonland is one … Read Full Article “Review: Crimsonland: Indie Garbage Heaven!”


Review: Tharsis: More Thigh Meat? PC

The gaming ecosystem is filled with dark fantasy titles, yet dark sci-fi titles are few and far between. By dark sci-fi, I don’t mean a sheer gore-filled edgefest, but a haunting and discomforting sci-fi that makes you ponder the morality of man when faced with overwhelming odds.

The first time I faced this choice was when one of the crew died of starvation, unable to produce enough food I decided to cut up his body so the rest may survive … Read Full Article “Review: Tharsis: More Thigh Meat?”


Review: Scanner Sombre: Haunting Beautiful  PC

Scanner Sombre is a truly unique game with little to no rivals in the sub-genre, the aesthetic is both haunting and majestic, a world of total darkness illuminated only by the colourful strobes of your scanner.

I found the feeling of walking into talking darkness and needing to scan every step of the way made me appreciate minimalist game design ina a whole new way.

Scanner Sombre is not a game for people who want action, apart from some puzzles … Read Full Article “Review: Scanner Sombre: Haunting Beautiful ”


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