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Review: Payday 2 – An Uphill Struggle PC

The Elephant in the Room.

Payday 2 is a good game, the fact it maintains a hefty CCU of 25-35k throughout the day 6 years after release is a testament to its longevity and the dedication of its fanbase, that being said Starbreeze/Overkill is in bad shape, Overkills The Walking Dead was not a bad game, honestly with a little more time I could have become the best 4 player Zombie co-op game, Robert Kirkman’s decision to yank away The … Read Full Article “Review: Payday 2 – An Uphill Struggle”

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Review: Deathmatch Classic : Houston we have a problem. PC

Deathmatch classic is still alive as in its staggers out a gargle and gasp once or twice a day.

Honestly, time has not been kind to this Deathmatch Classic, with a player base of around 16 people remaining, and a max ccu of 8, Deathmatch Classic will continue to slowly gasp for life until the last diehards move on entirely.

The game boasts of a terrible camera system, and servers which work only rarely, trying to login to the game … Read Full Article “Review: Deathmatch Classic : Houston we have a problem.”


Review: CONSORTIUM: Looks like a Game. PC

Consortium is a strange cookie graphics-wise, while most games strive to look realistic, Consortium is supposed to be a game.

Inception! You are playing a game about being trapped in a game.

With that concept in mind, the plastic & dated appearance of all character models makes a little more sense, don’t expect to find even a single character that looks vaguely lifelike.

Keep Talking and Nobody Uninstalls.

The conversation system is very Bioware-esque and the voice acting while not … Read Full Article “Review: CONSORTIUM: Looks like a Game.”


Review: 7 Days to Die: Worth a Play in 2019? PC

It’s about time for an update to our review of 7 Days to Die, so without further delay, is & Days to Die worth playing in 2019?

I won’t rehash things we said in our 2018 review as they all still apply today. Instead, we will focus on changes and improvements to be found in Alpha 18.

I say to myself. It’s a wonderful world.

The random map generation is far more interesting and organic in a18 compared to previous … Read Full Article “Review: 7 Days to Die: Worth a Play in 2019?”


Review: Sleepwalker: Timeless fun. PC

It is both interesting and somewhat depressing to think Sleepwalker released a quarter of a century ago, 25 years sounds so much longer when describing it that way, yet regardless of how you frame it, Sleepwalker is now older than the average university graduate.

Ageing Gracefully.

It’s clear that sleepwalker is a Dos game, and groundbreaking graphics and soundtracks were not something even heard of in this era, what we do have however is excellent for the time graphics with … Read Full Article “Review: Sleepwalker: Timeless fun.”


Review: Rune Classic: A Classic Game of Odd Shaped Booties. PC

Rune Classic is from that unique era of pc gaming where butts were either square or incredibly round, rune manages to capture both of these elements in one game, the main character Ragnar has a thicc buttocks that would make the Kardashians jealous.

It appears that the main characters butt got all of the modellers’ attention, the majority of the NPCs look like deformed playdoh creatures with huge heaving chests and mouths that flap open like drawbridges.

I particularly enjoyed … Read Full Article “Review: Rune Classic: A Classic Game of Odd Shaped Booties.”


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