, Is Black Desert Online, Worth Playing in 2020?

Is Black Desert Online, Worth Playing in 2020?

Platforms: PC Playstation 4 XBox One

Black Desert Online is one of the most popular and impressive Korean grind MMORPG in the west, with gorgeous graphics, a thriving economy and a massive userbase it has cemented itself firmly within the MMORPG genre, that being said Black Desert Online’s rise to fame has not been without controversy.

What makes it worth playing?

Black Desert Online is graphically stunning, the world looks, sounds and feels vibrantly alive, the character creator is possibly the best the genre has to offer, and the character models themselves are gorgeous.

Every time I boot up the game I am impressed by how much nicer looking it is since the last time I played, with the user interface, map and skill trees having received substantial updates since its original release, it no longer feels like a beta masquerading as a finished product.

The game is very much an Asian MMO, and the grind is real, people say the game starts at soft-cap, and I agree wholeheartedly.

You fly through the lower levels just hunting mobs and equipping gear drops; In a party of 3 players, we gained 27 levels each in only 1 hour from slaying mobs.

, Is Black Desert Online, Worth Playing in 2020?

Too Sexy?

Black Desert Online is too sexy, while character animations for combat are gorgeous, and the character models superb every female character wears stiletto heels, and the cash shop has a full lingerie department.

When playing as a guardian class the most noticeable thing apart from the awesome combat combos and great combat mechanics was

  • I was in heels.
  • Sideboob and boob jiggle.

It makes the game feel tacky, and that’s a shame as its a very impressive MMORPG.

Development status.

Black Desert Online is a literal goldmine for the developers and publishers, with millions of players spread across four platforms, its unlikely to cease development anytime soon.

Apart from the standard cosmetic/shop item updates, there is still a steady flow of meaty updates, bringing new content and mechanics.

The developers keep the player base entertained with one of the most comprehensive event schedules I have seen in a mmorpg, often multiple events run concurrently, providing something for everyone.

, Is Black Desert Online, Worth Playing in 2020?


With a low entry price of under $10, Black Desert Online is a steal for the amount of content it has to offer.

The best cosmetics in-game come from the cash shop, but with enough grind and time, they are obtainable in-game with silver from the player-driven marketplace.

If you wish to partake in serious pvp/guild wars, then you must be prepared for a large grind/buying items to speed up progress. pve content large and by far can be enjoyed simply with the base cost of the game.

Despite rumours/grumbling to the contrary, Black Desert Online is not pay2win.

Nothing from the store is NEEDED to reach the endgame, its certainly pay for convenience, as cash shop items make it go faster, but to be pay to win it would REQUIRE those items to acquire the best in-game armour/items.

For those who are not in it for the hardcore endgame PvP, there is no need to ever buy any store items, and with plenty of ways to make in-game currency, cosmetics can be purchased from the in-game auction/marketplace.

, Is Black Desert Online, Worth Playing in 2020?

How is large the community?

The community while not coming close to that of World of  Warcraft is massive for a sandbox MMORPG, with a Steam CCU of 14k players on average and considering the standalone launcher is where the majority of the PC userbase play, you are looking at a 50k+ CCU, giving the world a feeling of vibrancy and life that few other sandbox MMO have provided since Ultima Online.

Console users enjoy not only healthy playerbases on their respective platforms but the benefits of crossplay between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 communities.

As a low-level player, I encountered dozens of players at every grind spot and quest, with some open-world farms appearing to have close to a 100 players actively farming the fast respawning mobs.

I would love to see a less sexy, more realistic MMORPG use this engine, as honestly, it’s very impressive, and the high-speed combat, battle cries and overwhelming clatter of weapons made the “battle” against imps seem immersive, and something few other games can offer.


Black Desert is a great MMORPG to play in 2020, the story has been refined and offers decent voice acting.

The English translation is miles ahead of the original release, which could barley qualify as Engrish, let alone English.

A great MMO for casual and hardcore players alike, if you can look past the oversexed aesthetics, a great MMORPG is hiding behind it.

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