Survive2Thrive: Rune II Infinite Loot Glitch.

The information below is accurate as of the 15th of November 2019. Starting my Rune II offline adventure felt very much the same as every other survival game, bashing away rocks and tree’s to get the necessary materials to progress, that was until I found the epic  unkillable tree and rock of awesomeness,  who bestow

Review: Rune II : If a Tree Falls in the Woods…. PC

Well, that’s different. Rune II, the sequel to the cult classic Rune launched to such little fanfare it seems half of the gaming media didn’t even know it was out, and the other half didn’t care, even Reddit is not talking about it, with the exception of the hiveminds who hate anything on epic store,

Review: Surviving the Aftermath: Epic Early Access PC

Surviving the Aftermath is very much in early access, with entire sub-features missing its like playing half a game or eating raw cookie dough, still very good, but you can see what’s missing and the sheer number of missing features and polish will disqualify Surviving the Aftermath for a significant % of players. Surviving the

Review: YLands: Only a Fools Hope. PC

Ylands is sprinting towards its 1.0 release. Honestly, the amount of dedication the development team have shown is remarkable, retaining around 1.5% of its player base, Ylands is far from a success, I would say it borders closer to total failure, and yet the game itself is not to blame. Dayz, the gritty older sibling

Review: Crimsonland: Indie Garbage Heaven! PC

Anyone following my reviews for the past three years knows how much I like games that are so indie they squeak, games which are not only indie garbage, but screech that status proudly into your face at a volume that could wake the dead. They are the type of games you never think you will

Review: Deathmatch Classic : Houston we have a problem. PC

Deathmatch classic is still alive as in its staggers out a gargle and gasp once or twice a day. Honestly, time has not been kind to this Deathmatch Classic, with a player base of around 16 people remaining, and a max ccu of 8, Deathmatch Classic will continue to slowly gasp for life until the

Review: Tharsis: More Thigh Meat? PC

The gaming ecosystem is filled with dark fantasy titles, yet dark sci-fi titles are few and far between. By dark sci-fi, I don’t mean a sheer gore-filled edgefest, but a haunting and discomforting sci-fi that makes you ponder the morality of man when faced with overwhelming odds. The first time I faced this choice was

Review: Scanner Sombre: Haunting Beautiful  PC

Scanner Sombre is a truly unique game with little to no rivals in the sub-genre, the aesthetic is both haunting and majestic, a world of total darkness illuminated only by the colourful strobes of your scanner. I found the feeling of walking into talking darkness and needing to scan every step of the way made

Review: Kill the Bad Guy: well ain’t that special… PC

Kill the Bad Guy is one of the games that fit snuggly into the edgy 12-year-old category, honestly its not a bad game, but a game that entirely focuses around over the top low pixel gore rubs me the wrong way. Some games require violence due to the narrative such as Hitman, or any war

Review: CONSORTIUM: Looks like a Game. PC

Consortium is a strange cookie graphics-wise, while most games strive to look realistic, Consortium is supposed to be a game. Inception! You are playing a game about being trapped in a game. With that concept in mind, the plastic & dated appearance of all character models makes a little more sense, don’t expect to find

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