Will Mortal Shell, Be Worth Playing?

Mortal Shell is a Euro Jank/AA take on the Dark Souls franchise, created by a much smaller team, what they have managed to accomplish is already atoning, the open beta has many people talking, but the big questions remains, will it be good enough to win the approval of souls-like fans the world over? ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC Playstation 4 XBox One

Is Battle vs Chess, Worth Playing in 2020?

Battle vs Chess is a decent attempt by Targem Games to make chess something more interesting than sliding pieces around a board, the problem is they didn’t succeed.

While the fairly high quality of character models look great for their age, they do not make up for the laggy animations and sluggish gameplay, once the novelty of seeing the character battle wears off, there is very little left of substance. ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC

Is Chess Ultra, Worth Playing in 2020?

Chess Ultra is one of the best digital edition of Chess you could hope to play, with a wide variety of Board and piece styles, you will find something for every occasion.

But let’s be real, the largest demographic of chess players are rarely serious gamers, and most serious chess players already have their partners, clubs and leagues, leaving a very small possible player base for what is actually a very solid chess title. ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC

Is Flora’s Fruit Farm Worth Playing in 2020?

The  Square Enix Eidos Anthology charity bundle saw gamers bestowed with dozens of classic Eidos and Square Enix titles, all of which shared a common theme of action, adventure and at times carnage and mayhem.

That is all except one, somehow Flora’s Fruit Farm was nestled among the T and M rated titles, a change of pace perhaps? Or an inside joke by the developer we will never know, so without further delay, on with the review! ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC

Is TitanFall 2, Worth Playing in 2020?

A Second Lease on Life.

Titanfall 2 is a true treasure of the sci-fi shooter genre, and yet due to its launch window falling between one of the best Battlefields (Battlefield One) in recent memory and a very similar Call of Duty entry (Infinite Warfare) it struggled to garner a large enough player base to truly set the world on fire. ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC Playstation 4 XBox One

Is Z1 Battle Royale, Dead or Dying?

Welcome to Is it Dead or Dying?, every edition we check out a different game that is widely believed to be “dead” to see if there is any sort of development or community activity, for our twelfth game lets take a look at Z1 Battle Royale.

Developer Activity.

H1z1 has floundered and changed direction/name so many times it’s hard to keep track of all the twists and turns in its five years of development; currently, the developers of the PC branch (Z1 Battle Royale) seem to have no idea how to proceed, every radical change of coarse bled more players, while there is the very very rare update its basically dead, with most updates focusing on consolidating the player base or removing features/items they do not have the resources left to fix (such as ARV). ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC

Lets Talk About: Why Lawbreakers Failed.

Lawbreakers, has become almost a meme in the gaming community, a near-perfect example of failure that still exists long after the game sunset, let’s look at why it failed, why it doesn’t fail, and why everyone and their mom hates Cliffy B.

Lawbreakers Didn’t Fail for being too Woke.

Cliff Bleszinski claims one of the reasons he feels his game failed is because of his political views. ....  Read Full Article

Is The Last of Us 2 worth Playing?

Due to the games recent and highly controversial release, I will be avoiding discussing the controversy in-depth, to spare readers from spoilers, at a later date I will offer my opinion on the narrative choice made by Naughty Dog, but for now, on with the review!

Pushing the Limits of the PS4.

The Last of Us 2 is a beautiful game, that rivals Red Dead Redemption 2 in what it has managed to coax out of a console in its twilight years, with very few games yet to release on the PS4 and only one more remaining major exclusive before Sony dedicates itself to PS5 it’s nice to see just what talented developers can accomplish with 7+-year-old hardware. ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: Playstation 4

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