Review: Kingdom Under Fire 2 – The Crawling Dead PC

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a decent looking game for its age. However, its over-reliance on sexualised characters and ridiculous armour reduce this game from a serious MMORPG/RTS hybrid to a cheesy neckbeard paradise.

So Close to Getting it Right.

Graphically is good for its age and is very reminiscent of Archeage,  sound design is good and even voice acting is on well done for an eastern import, the art style is very western, and avoids a pitfall that many … Read Full Article “Review: Kingdom Under Fire 2 – The Crawling Dead”

Pulse Check: Darwin Project PC

Welcome to Pulse Check, every fortnight we check out a different game that is widely believed to be “dead” to see if there is any sort of development or community activities, for our fifth game lets take a look at Darwin Project.

Developer Activity.

Development continues for Darwin Project on Console and Pc, and developers have already announced a pretty sizable roadmap for 2020, If Darwin Project is to ever fail, it won’t be due to lack of dedication by … Read Full Article “Pulse Check: Darwin Project”

Let’s Be Honest About: Games That Die Young #1 PC

Not all games that succeed deserve their success, and not all games that die, deserve their fate, in this edition of Let’s Be Honest we take a look at games that met a worse fate than their deserved, and what brought them to their unhappy fate.

Not all of these games are dead, and some splutter along still, but the writing is on the wall unless a miracle happens for every title on this list.

So grab your tissues and … Read Full Article “Let’s Be Honest About: Games That Die Young #1”

First Look: Bleeding Edge (CB1) PC

Borderlands 3, Fortnite, and Overwatch had a baby and its a cute kid.

Bleeding edge is powered by Unreal Engine, and as such it’s very familiar to anyone who has played Fortnite, the animations and models are very much what you would expect from an unreal engine game, the gameplay loop is almost a direct lift from Overwatch, with a heavy focus on objective-based modes, and finally, the world and hero aesthetics look like something from Borderlands 3.

Combined these … Read Full Article “First Look: Bleeding Edge (CB1)”

First Look: Darksburg – Heading for a Dark Place. PC

Darksburg is a great looking game that has a fantastic concept, however launching too soon, with too little content, and coupled with a small and hostile community means it will be lucky ever to leave early access, and most likely suffer the same fate as a Year of Rain.

I am a huge fan of Northgard, despite its simplicity, its one of the best modern RTS and its continued moderate success is a testament to the reception it received from … Read Full Article “First Look: Darksburg – Heading for a Dark Place.”

Review: Horizon Zero Dawn – On PC/PSNow till April 7th 2020 PS4

More than a Game.

Horizon Zero Dawn is more than a game; it is am emotional experience, with beautiful graphics, a captivating narrative and stunning world-building.

Playing Horizon Zero Dawn is like taking a step into a possible future of humanity, one which is both familiar and alien, with all that makes us human put to the test in a primitive yet advanced world, I can’t help but feel in many ways, 2020 is not so dissimilar from Aloy’s world.… Read Full Article “Review: Horizon Zero Dawn – On PC/PSNow till April 7th 2020”

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