Review: Overcooked 2 – Feels Kinda Sad Alone PS4

Overcooked 2 is a humour-filled take on the co-operative cooking sub-genre, the gameplay is fresh and crisp as a spring salad; however, playing the game alone leaves you feeling empty.

It Feels Like a Mario Party 10 Mini-game.

The graphical style, control scheme and even camera angle all feel like those employed by later Mario party games for their cooking mini-games, and while those mini-games were a lot of fun, I honestly wouldn’t want to play an entire game based … Read Full Article “Review: Overcooked 2 – Feels Kinda Sad Alone”

Review: Survarium – Deja Vu PC

Note: Yes this is very similar review to Stay Out, both games share the same good and bad points like all DayZ clones.

Survarium is one of longer-lasting “free DayZ Clones” on steam, yet sadly shares the same flaws like all other games in its sub-genre, people just don’t trust them anymore, after a string of poorly developed games with the same setting and gameplay gamers are naturally wary of investing any money into new titles that come along.

Without … Read Full Article “Review: Survarium – Deja Vu”

Pulse Check: Fear the Night PC

Welcome to Pulse Check a new column officially launching in 2020, every fortnight we will check out a different game that is widely believed to be “dead” to see if there is any sort of development or community activities, for our first game lets take a look at Fear the Night.

Original Review

Developer Activity.

Not so much as a whistle, the game saw almost no updates during its time in early access, before unceremoniously launching into full release despite … Read Full Article “Pulse Check: Fear the Night”

Review: Pumpkin Days – A solid tribute to the Harvest Moon Legacy PC

Pumpkin Days is an authentic homage to the Harvest Moon series, with a deep emphasis on character creation and customisation.

I am a big fan of the gameplay that these farming/dating sims provide, Harvest moon is one of my favourite series from when I was a child, so I am always glad to see a fresh take on the formula, the gameplay mechanics are very much a child of the unreal engine and a traditional farming sim, and it works … Read Full Article “Review: Pumpkin Days – A solid tribute to the Harvest Moon Legacy”

Review: Salt – Never Should Have Been Made. PC

Salt is a sad story, the developers made the best game they could, but it just doesn’t work.

With an all-time peak of under 350, and a daily ccu high of 14, Salt never attracted much of a userbase, let’s look at why it never succeeded.

Art style.

The art style was terrible, and all over the place, pirates looked like bad memes, the map looked ripped from the unity store, and everything seemed to be bathed in bad lighting, … Read Full Article “Review: Salt – Never Should Have Been Made.”


Review: TerraTech *Imaginative Sub-Title Here* PC

Used up my imagination making a flying dump truck, so you don’t get a witty subtitle today.

Creativity Galore.

Terratech is one of the most original games in existence, and one that can be enjoyed by players of all ages, from simple two-block cars to magnificent feats of engineering that are comprised of hundreds of working parts, Terratech gives players a toolkit to create anything they can imagine.

I have enjoyed successes and failures equally, with x-wings that ploughed straight … Read Full Article “Review: TerraTech *Imaginative Sub-Title Here*”

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