Review: Kingdom Under Fire 2 – The Crawling Dead

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a decent looking game for its age. However, its over-reliance on sexualised characters and ridiculous armour reduce this game from a serious MMORPG/RTS hybrid to a cheesy neckbeard paradise.

So Close to Getting it Right.

Graphically is good for its age and is very reminiscent of Archeage,  sound design is good and even voice acting is on well done for an eastern import, the art style is very western, and avoids a pitfall that many … Read Full Article “Review: Kingdom Under Fire 2 – The Crawling Dead”

Platforms: PC

First Look: Darksburg – Heading for a Dark Place.

Darksburg is a great looking game that has a fantastic concept, however launching too soon, with too little content, and coupled with a small and hostile community means it will be lucky ever to leave early access, and most likely suffer the same fate as a Year of Rain.

I am a huge fan of Northgard, despite its simplicity, its one of the best modern RTS and its continued moderate success is a testament to the reception it received from … Read Full Article “First Look: Darksburg – Heading for a Dark Place.”

Platforms: PC

Retro Review: Metal Slug – Fun From Another Time.

Metal Slug is a delightful look back at a time when people just enjoyed games for the fun of enjoying games, and a title that provided less than 1 hour of unique content was an overwhelming fan and critical success that s[awned multiple sequels on half an almost a dozen platforms.

A simpler time.

Metal Slug is far from a mental challenge, there are no puzzles, jumping elements are about as difficult as the very first stage of any retro … Read Full Article “Retro Review: Metal Slug – Fun From Another Time.”

Platforms: PC XBox One

Post Mortem: What Killed BattleBorn?

Gearbox has performed wonders with Borderlands, from Borderlands 2’s longevity and long history of free and paid DLC to the award-winning Borderlands 3, with is massive player base and upcoming crossplay, one thing gearbox know well is how to make zany and lovable characters that combine cool abilities, alongside personality quirks that don’t always make sense.

Battleborn was no exception, with over 30 distinct and well-made characters, there is only one reason Battleborn could have failed, and its the very … Read Full Article “Post Mortem: What Killed BattleBorn?”

Platforms: PC

Review: Warcraft 3 Reforged – Well that’s embarrassing

Second-hand embarrassment is as vivid and at times cringy as experiencing it yourself, and the launch of Warcraft 3 reforged has plenty of second-hand embarrassment to go around.

Who should be embarrassed?

Wait you think I mean Blizzard should be embarrassed? No, I refer to the Reddit hivemind once again showing itself to be immature, entitled, infantile and suffering from a very diverse and serious range of emotional disorders.

The review bombing campaign of Warcraft 3 Reforged shows exactly why … Read Full Article “Review: Warcraft 3 Reforged – Well that’s embarrassing”

Platforms: PC

Review: Starbound: Lost in Space Vibes Galore.

I will now proceed to bore you all with a story about my childhood, I loved Lost in Space, the campy, cheesy and at times ridiculous tv show that was already dated when my parents enjoyed it as teens, the worlds and creatures encountered by the Robinson Family were bizarre at best, ludicrous at worst, and yet it was this element of the absurd that made the show so much fun to watch, its that absurd element that makes Starboard … Read Full Article “Review: Starbound: Lost in Space Vibes Galore.”

Platforms: PC

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