Is Legends of Aria Worth Playing in 2020?

Let’s get the elephant out of the room before we start, is Legends of Aria a complete failure or even worse a scam?

Success and Failure in Equal Measure.

The Developers of Legends of Aria (formerly known as Shards Online) have created a very solid toolset that allows creators and communities to host their own MMORPG servers in the style of a classic like Ultima online. ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC

Is Conquerors Blade Worth Playing in 2020?

Conquerors Blade has spent most of its existence flying under the raider, long ago dismissed as a failure, it has continued to slowly gain ground, with 24-hour peak CCU now reaching 9-10k most evenings.

Unlike most entries, Conquerors Blade appears twice on steam charts, as two distinct regional titles with separate player counts, I can find no clarification if there is cross-play between these two versions, with a combined 10k ccu or the total peak ccu is closer to 19k (with the 9k and 10k versions having distinct player bases). ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC

Review: Population Zero

Refreshing Twist on the genre… In theory.

Population Zero on paper is a refreshing twist on the survival genre, with a greater focus on MMO-lite features such as questing and offering a defined endgame scenario.

In reality, Population Zero is one of the worst survival games to launch into Steam Early Access, and without a miracle and massive refactor of the core gameplay experience will die before it has a chance to recover. ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC

Is Diablo 3 worth playing in 2020?

Diablo 3, the very name conjures up the horrors of its release, with a community enraged by the real currency auction house, that was a fantastic idea in principle, if not execution.

I have spoken to multiple gamers who made thousands of dollars that first few weeks by selling loot drops to other players, it killed off the illegal gold sellers entirely and provided a way for those with time but few resources to earn a little money on the side. ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC Playstation 4 XBox One

Review: BattleBreakers – Kinda Cringy, but Decent.

Battle Breakers feels like a western attempt to make an eastern game, with over the top whiney battle cries, flashy combat effects, and an intro theme that sounds like it was ripped from a mid 90’s animation.

The Theme Song is… “Special”

Battle Breakers reminded me of something I had not thought about in a decade, just how much I hate vocal theme songs in/about video games. ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC

Re-Review: Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is one of the most popular and impressive Korean grind MMORPG in the west, with gorgeous graphics, a thriving economy and a massive userbase it has cemented itself firmly within the MMORPG genre, that being said Black Desert Online’s rise to fame has not been without controversy. ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC Playstation 4 XBox One

Review: Kingdom Under Fire 2 – The Crawling Dead

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a decent looking game for its age. However, its over-reliance on sexualised characters and ridiculous armour reduce this game from a serious MMORPG/RTS hybrid to a cheesy neckbeard paradise.

So Close to Getting it Right.

Graphically is good for its age and is very reminiscent of Archeage,  sound design is good and even voice acting is on well done for an eastern import, the art style is very western, and avoids a pitfall that many eastern MMORPG run into, having cute cartoony animal characters and “magical little girl” races. ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC

Quick-Review: Interstellar Rift – 2020 is Do or Die.

“Interstellar Rift is an open world Starship Simulator with an emphasis on ship construction and multi-player interaction. Players can explore and conquer the galaxy with their own custom-designed and constructed starship. Space is vast, but you won’t have to face it alone, other players will be able to join your crew, and help out, or build their own rival fleet and fight you across the galaxy.” ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC

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