Review: Constructor -Building upon the Past, making some mistakes. PC

Twenty years later, the beat goes on.

1997 a time of innocence before jar jar binks brought a disturbance in the geek force, before youtube, facebook, myspace, when Geocities was cool and HTML was the domain of hackers played by Matthew Broderick, gamers were introduced to a whole new type of strategy game, constructor, part economic sim, part tactical combat, part post-traumatic stress disorder, even now 21 years later I recall some of my most epic moments on that game … Read Full Article “Review: Constructor -Building upon the Past, making some mistakes.”

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Review: Banished – The Most Awesomely Boring City Builder ever PC

Keep awake, and you will have a fun time… kinda.

Banished is boring, but that’s not a bad thing, 12 angry men is on paper mindlessly boring yet is one of the best films of all time, despite being little more than 12 middle-aged white guys arguing in a room, the gameplay consists of placing buildings for your little settlers to live/work in, the boring we will explain below in detail, the gameplay is balanced, the music is good,the graphics … Read Full Article “Review: Banished – The Most Awesomely Boring City Builder ever”

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Review: Bounty Train – RNG in the Old West PC

Luck, skill or a bit of both?

Bounty train at its most basic is an economic simulator with RPG aspects set in the 1860’s USA, players upgrade their train and complete quests for NPCs and cities, earning rip, getting rich and levelling up their crew to hopefully take on bigger quests with better payouts, the in-game economy works well with multiple events causing prices to crash and spike in addition to the normal fluctuations due to supply and demand of … Read Full Article “Review: Bounty Train – RNG in the Old West”

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Review: H1Z1 – Breakups are never easy. PC

Dear H1Z1

Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s me. Perhaps we have just drifted apart, the thrill I once felt when I played you is gone. There is someone else.. Fortnite Battle Royale has taken your place. Don’t cry. I am sure plenty will love you, even new people.. but what we had. It’s over.. I just don’t feel the same about you anymore.. your quirks I even learned to love, but you changed yourself last summer, tried to become someone … Read Full Article “Review: H1Z1 – Breakups are never easy.”

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Review: Lawbreakers – What Went Wrong? PC

When we reviewed Lawbreakers it rated fairly high for gameplay, but already signs of a shrinking community were evident, we will briefly recap what was good and bad with the title.

Games Strengths

  1. Smooth Gameplay
  2. Decent Gun Control
  3. Decent Map Design (Technical wise)
  4. Decent Netcode

Game Weaknesses

  1. Boring Characters, for a hero-based shooter none held any interest in who they were
  2. Strange duplicate modes which were basically multiple odd clones of capture the flag adding nothing new and at the
Read Full Article “Review: Lawbreakers – What Went Wrong?”


Review: Fortnite Battle Royale – Free as Free Beer PC

So much Pew Pew Pew

Fortnite has a long and checkered history that I am not willing to bore everyone with, a lazy man’s version is.. it was announced, the world went Ohh ahhh! It was delayed… teased, delayed, teased, launched to yay.. meh and finally looked set to shuffle along as somewhat popular f2p title with a high turn over, the PvE mode is fun and was reviewed positively by BHR preview, but the advent of the Battle Royale … Read Full Article “Review: Fortnite Battle Royale – Free as Free Beer”


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