Review: H1Z1: King of the Kill – How is it Doing? PC

Get Ready to Rumble

Daybreaks ambitious Zombie survival game has seen some significant shifts in focus, one of which occurred in 2016, the splitting of the title H1Z1 into H1Z1: Just Survive (pvpve) and H1Z1: King of the Kill, the Battle Royale PvP mode was now standalone from its parent title, how would it fair? A lot better than its pvpve parent! That’s not to say the game’s path has been an easy one, far from it, let’s look into … Read Full Article “Review: H1Z1: King of the Kill – How is it Doing?”

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Review: Battlefield 1 – one year on, how is it doing? PC

Prepare for War

Battlefield 1 was released 21 October 2016 now as we approach its first birthday we look at how the game is holding up, and what changes it has undergone to become one of the most played Battlefield titles on PC, Xbox One, and Ps4.

Boasting both a robust and beautiful campaign mode and an active and challenging multiplayer Scene Bf1 has more than earned its acclaim. However, the road to today has not all been paved with … Read Full Article “Review: Battlefield 1 – one year on, how is it doing?”

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Review: Max Payne 3 -Still worth a play? PC

Prepare for Payne.

Max Payne 3 is the third installment of the popular Max Payne series this time Rockstar of GTA fame gives the franchise a try, with epic bullet-time fights, a dark but engaging story laced with trademark Max Payne humour, released in 2012 is this title worth a look in 2017 or should it be relegated to gaming history?

Price to Play Ratio. – Historical low – £1.29

Let’s say right off the bat I loved this title, … Read Full Article “Review: Max Payne 3 -Still worth a play?”

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Review: Dauntless – Destined to Rise or Doomed to Fall? PC

The Hunt Begins!

Dauntless is an upcoming free to play ARPG currently in a buy to pay closed beta. The game focuses around parties of up to 4 players hunting massive behemoths to gain materials to make new armour and weapons to hunt even bigger behemoths and win more epic loot, dull grind? Fun and awesome? We hope to shed some light on Dauntless and its current state.


The missions are around 12-20 minutes long each, however as 80% … Read Full Article “Review: Dauntless – Destined to Rise or Doomed to Fall?”

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Review: Lawbreakers -Dead, Dying, or just getting Warmed up? PC

Failure to Launch, Houston, we may have a problem.

Lawbreakers a great game that for an unknown reason hasn’t generated the traction it deserves, zero-G arena-based shooter sounds awesome and frankly is as impressive as it sounds, and despite mostly positive critic and player reviews the concurrent population rarely peaks at 1000 and sits somewhere around 650-700.

Is The Game Dead? Dying? Dead on Arrival?

I could sum up the answer to all 3 of those with a simple no, … Read Full Article “Review: Lawbreakers -Dead, Dying, or just getting Warmed up?”

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Review: Escape from Tarkov – Hardcore Scavenger Simulation PC

Prepare to Die…A lot

Tarkov how I love you, how I hated you, my review of Tarkov is a little late as it took me about a week to get good enough to stop wishing I could have refunded, the learning curve is no gentle ride, it is uphill, hold onto your liver and hope not to bleed out, massacre, and that’s on the easier maps..

The game is a semi-open world PVP with full loot drop on death, scavenging … Read Full Article “Review: Escape from Tarkov – Hardcore Scavenger Simulation”

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