Review: Call of Duty Warzone – Hail to the King Baby.

Fortnite remains king, Apex Legends has serious competition, PlayerUnknown Battleground may finally leave the top 3, and Call of Duty Blackout has been slain, it has been an eventful week for the Battle Royale genre!

How is it?

Warzomn has taken all that made Blackout good and ramped it up to 200% with a massive map that merges the aesthetic of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and Traditional call of duty maps, everyone you turn you are hit by a wave of nostalgia, … Read Full Article “Review: Call of Duty Warzone – Hail to the King Baby.”

Platforms: PC Playstation 4 XBox One

Review: Dying Light Bad Blood – Misreading your Fanbase 101.

Dying Light is a genre-defying game that proves that dedication from a developer will be reward with loyalty from fans, despite being 5 years old dying Light is constantly updated and fans constantly return to the parkour filled zombie world within, hundreds of thousands of those same fans have eagerly pre-ordered/wishlist Dying Light 2, however even for well-loved developers like Tech Land, mistakes are inevitable and Bad Blood is one such mistake

Bad Blood isn’t a bad game, in fact, … Read Full Article “Review: Dying Light Bad Blood – Misreading your Fanbase 101.”

Platforms: PC

First Look: Bleeding Edge (CB1)

Borderlands 3, Fortnite, and Overwatch had a baby and its a cute kid.

Bleeding edge is powered by Unreal Engine, and as such it’s very familiar to anyone who has played Fortnite, the animations and models are very much what you would expect from an unreal engine game, the gameplay loop is almost a direct lift from Overwatch, with a heavy focus on objective-based modes, and finally, the world and hero aesthetics look like something from Borderlands 3.

Combined these … Read Full Article “First Look: Bleeding Edge (CB1)”

Platforms: PC XBox One

First Look: Darksburg – Heading for a Dark Place.

Darksburg is a great looking game that has a fantastic concept, however launching too soon, with too little content, and coupled with a small and hostile community means it will be lucky ever to leave early access, and most likely suffer the same fate as a Year of Rain.

I am a huge fan of Northgard, despite its simplicity, its one of the best modern RTS and its continued moderate success is a testament to the reception it received from … Read Full Article “First Look: Darksburg – Heading for a Dark Place.”

Platforms: PC

Review: Might and Magic : Chess Royale

One of my favourite genres(Battle Royale) and one of my favourite developers (Ubisoft) had a baby with one of my least favourite genres (Auto Chess), and the results are surprisingly good, actually astonishingly good.

Now if you have been following my Auto Chess reviews, you can see I am not a massive fan of the genre.

While I do not hate it, I have not found much in the genre to keep my attention, Dota Underlords was a good stepping … Read Full Article “Review: Might and Magic : Chess Royale”

Platforms: PC

Post Mortem: What Killed BattleBorn?

Gearbox has performed wonders with Borderlands, from Borderlands 2’s longevity and long history of free and paid DLC to the award-winning Borderlands 3, with is massive player base and upcoming crossplay, one thing gearbox know well is how to make zany and lovable characters that combine cool abilities, alongside personality quirks that don’t always make sense.

Battleborn was no exception, with over 30 distinct and well-made characters, there is only one reason Battleborn could have failed, and its the very … Read Full Article “Post Mortem: What Killed BattleBorn?”

Platforms: PC

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