Review: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Cinematic Storytelling PS4

A Warm Welcome Home.

I have not played on a PlayStation since 2005, A DualShock 4 controller is as alien to me as a flying monkey, and yet I found immediately muscle memory took over. Despite using Xbox controllers for much longer than DualShock Controllers I found the generational difference between PlayStation 1 era Duel Shock and PlayStation 4 era DualShock to be far less of a learning curve compared to Xbox Controllers and Xbox One Controllers.

I am now … Read Full Article “Review: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Cinematic Storytelling”

Review: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order : Not So Long Time Ago.. in a Galaxy not so far away. PC

Revenge of the Single Player.

Single Vs Multiplayer the age-old debate which had lasted longer than the rift between the Sith and Jedi, I personally walk both sides of the argument and get equal enjoyment from both single and Multiplayer titles, that being said for the last decade Multiplayer games have stolen the spotlight, and very few single-player games have earned widespread success and acclaim with a few very deserving exceptions such as Witcher 3, Skyrim etc.

The early 00s … Read Full Article “Review: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order : Not So Long Time Ago.. in a Galaxy not so far away.”

Review: Control : Aka LSD for your LCD XBOX

Plays like a Novel Feels.

Playing the game feels more like experiencing a novel than any other game I have played,  with the exception of the movie-like “A Plague Tale: Innocence” (our favourite title from 2019 so far), 2019 has not yet given us a better narrative experience than Control, with a story that keeps you want to play just a few minutes longer, where every scrap of paper, discarded floppy disc or recording could hold only one … Read Full Article “Review: Control : Aka LSD for your LCD”

Review: Scary Girl : A Classic of the Neo-Silver age. PC

Scary Girl is very much a throwback to the silver age of platformer, while lacking the retro charm of the early 90s golden age, the silver age was ripe with excellent titles and chief among them was of-course Rayman, with slightly edgy and rather Tim Burton creepy art design I was immediately whisked back to my childhood, in the days when a new game meant some flavour of platformer.

Graphically scary girl is gorgeous, and mechanically it plays exactly how … Read Full Article “Review: Scary Girl : A Classic of the Neo-Silver age.”

Review: A Plague Tale: Innocence – Games could be the next Movies. PC

Before we Begin.

Now before you jump into a movie-loving frenzy of hatred and revulsion, I am not saying movies are an obsolete medium, I believe for as long as man endures there will always be a need for movies, plays, books, and yes games, all these share one common thread, stories, as Tyrion says in the Game of Thrones Final Episode, A story cannot be killed or conquered, it unites people, this is true, not because the dwarf son … Read Full Article “Review: A Plague Tale: Innocence – Games could be the next Movies.”

Review: BattleFleet Gothic Armada : Not everyone’s cup of Tea, but a fine Cuppa. PC

Reminds me of the Church, just with more elves and less singing.

The campaign in itself is well written with gorgeous painting style cutscenes and excellent voice acting, the overall campaign feels very religious, and while as a follower of Jesus Christ and therefore a “believer/ religious being” I didn’t find the story offensive, however those who despise religion may find it uncomfortable.

That’s not to say the God-Emperor of Warhammer 40k is anything like God the Father revealed to … Read Full Article “Review: BattleFleet Gothic Armada : Not everyone’s cup of Tea, but a fine Cuppa.”

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