Review: Rimworld A Chinchilla killed my Doctor, Now I am sad.

Rimworld is unlike any game I have ever seen, let alone played, a dynamic story generator with almost unlimited potential.

Dynamic Story Generator?

Fear, not Rimworld is not some cringe-inducing visual novel full of large breasts and nose bleeds. Instead, it is a true sandbox that gives you a single directive, to survive; however, you see best.

Do you wish to build a thriving modern society, go for it, or maybe you prefer living in wooden huts and eating human … Read Full Article “Review: Rimworld A Chinchilla killed my Doctor, Now I am sad.”

Platforms: PC

Retro Review: Binary Domain (2012)

Binary Domain feels like an ancestor to The Division with solid cover-based shooter mechanics, but also something unique due to its voice command system, allowing players to bark orders at their semi-useless NPC buddies via microphone.

How does it Play?

The core mechanics are almost identical to Ubisoft’s award-winning third-person cover shooter The Division.

While Binary Domain is a far more dated affair, the gameplay loop is very similar, progressing through the map and taking down swarms of enemies.

The … Read Full Article “Retro Review: Binary Domain (2012)”

Platforms: PC

Re-Review: Hurtworld

Hurtworld has been a roller coaster throughout its entire lifespan, from Early Access and into full launch, it’s encountered highs and lows that seem impossible for a game with its history.

Let’s have a look at some of these high and lows before we proceed.

  • Early Access Launch – December 2015 –  13,291 Peak CCU
  • Development Drought. September 2018 – 809  Peak CCU
  • Hurt World V 2.0  – January 2019 – 7,563 Peak CCU
  • Splitting userbase between 1.0, 2.0 and
Read Full Article “Re-Review: Hurtworld”

Platforms: PC

Review: Wasteland Remastered – Three Decades In The Making

Wasteland Remastered is truly a masterpiece three decades in the making, upon starting the game I was immediately hit with game design philosophy from another time.

Honestly, it made me ponder were gamers smarter back then, and if they were all computer nerds like the 90s sitcoms portrayed.

A lot to take in all at once.

The amount of options and skills is overwhelming at first and truly establishes Wasteland as one of the forefathers of the cRPG genre.

The … Read Full Article “Review: Wasteland Remastered – Three Decades In The Making”

Platforms: PC XBox One

First Look: Darksburg – Heading for a Dark Place.

Darksburg is a great looking game that has a fantastic concept, however launching too soon, with too little content, and coupled with a small and hostile community means it will be lucky ever to leave early access, and most likely suffer the same fate as a Year of Rain.

I am a huge fan of Northgard, despite its simplicity, its one of the best modern RTS and its continued moderate success is a testament to the reception it received from … Read Full Article “First Look: Darksburg – Heading for a Dark Place.”

Platforms: PC

Review: Horizon Zero Dawn – On PC/PSNow till April 7th 2020

More than a Game.

Horizon Zero Dawn is more than a game; it is am emotional experience, with beautiful graphics, a captivating narrative and stunning world-building.

Playing Horizon Zero Dawn is like taking a step into a possible future of humanity, one which is both familiar and alien, with all that makes us human put to the test in a primitive yet advanced world, I can’t help but feel in many ways, 2020 is not so dissimilar from Aloy’s world.… Read Full Article “Review: Horizon Zero Dawn – On PC/PSNow till April 7th 2020”

Platforms: PC Playstation 4

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