Review: The Darkside Detective – Has it where it counts. PC

The Darkside Detective is one of the rare games that can distract you from its near ancient graphic style in a few seconds by its premise, and presentation of mechanics, on paper The Darkside Detective, is like any other point and click mystery still.

However, the similarities end there, with witty dialogue and plenty of detective show tropes, and buddy cop banter.

I found myself not noticing 1) the early 90s art style, 2) it was from the point and … Read Full Article “Review: The Darkside Detective – Has it where it counts.”

Review: Bright Memory(Early Access) PC

Bright Memory is a gorgeous tech demo, but for those wanting a full game, it’s not happening, at least not with what you have already paid for.

Bright Memory Episode 1 is now a separate project from Bright Memory: Infinite, there will be no full game to be had with your current purchase to experience all Bright memory has to offer you must rebuy the new title.

It’s a Solid Concept.

The gunplay is fantastic; the magical spells/abilities feel good. … Read Full Article “Review: Bright Memory(Early Access)”


Review: Ducktales Remastered – Nice While it Lasted. PC

Ducktales was one of my favourite shows growing up, every Saturday morning I would watch it, and then every Saturday evening rewatch my VHS recording with my family, it was a huge part of childhood, so I was thrilled when my Ducktales Remastered released on steam.

The gameplay is authentic to the original 1989 Ducktales game with very few mechanical changes.

Graphically the game looks just like a modern-day cartoon, which while lacking some of the charms from the original … Read Full Article “Review: Ducktales Remastered – Nice While it Lasted.”

Review: This Is the Police PC

This Is the Police captures the gritty essence of every 80s cop show you have ever seen and pulls all this off using graphics that are so simple,m the only step beneath them is still finger puppets.

Minimalist Elegance.

The art style employed by This Is the Police is exceptionally minimalist and certainly isn’t for everyone, I found it charming, and its simplicity allowed me to focus on the decisions I had to make, and helped me avoid getting distracted … Read Full Article “Review: This Is the Police”

Predator Watch: Firestone Idle RPG PC

Firestone Idle RPG is a far prettier version of the idle games that mobile users gobble up like gumdrops and offers gameplay mechanics that offer nothing that its uglier cousins don’t already provide, the entire genre is bizarrely addicting, and it’s that addiction that the game developers count on to drive MTX.

The gameplay loop consists of using your fairy-like character to destroy a few enemies, then slowly but surely building up a squad of AI heroes to do the … Read Full Article “Predator Watch: Firestone Idle RPG”

Review: SuperMash PC

Supermash is one of the more unique ideas I have seen in a long time, and while this review comes across as unfavourable, I do like the concept, I just feel the execution needs a lot of polish.

With so many variables, bugs will happen.

The ability to randomly create mini-games, from 6 genres is a lot of fun, however not all the engines work well, and some such as JRPG shooter can give an unplayable result at times, the … Read Full Article “Review: SuperMash”

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