Early Access Review: Graywalkers: Purgatory, Maybe One Day, But Not Today. PC

Disclaimer: I was given a free key for review purposes.

Good Concept, But Years Away From Ready.

Graywalkers: Purgatory is a solid concept, and the narrative and lore are befitting such a grimdark version of future earth, the problem, however, is Graywalkers: Purgatory feels more like a proof of concept than an actual game, with even basic features such as options missing.

Graphically its a very indie affair, and while main characters have decent designs,extras look dismal, with many of … Read Full Article “Early Access Review: Graywalkers: Purgatory, Maybe One Day, But Not Today.”

Pulse Check : Contagion PC

Welcome to Pulse Check, every fortnight we check out a different game that is widely believed to be “dead” to see if there is any sort of development or community activities, for our third game lets take a look at Contagion.

Original Review

Developer Activity.

After several years of no development and a switch in development teams we have slowly started getting bugfixes and quality of life change,s honestly I don’t believe the developers can do much more than this … Read Full Article “Pulse Check : Contagion”

Blast from the Past: Viva Piñata – Holds up Well in 2020. XBOX

Viva Piñata is fast approaching 15 years old and still holds up great in 2020. Kids especially will have no trouble being absorbed by the vibrant world and colourful characters that inhabit it.

The gameplay loop is straightforward and takes the form of a lite management simulation, with hints of the virtual pet craze of the 90s, slowly renovate your garden and make it more inviting to the Piñata creatures who wish to call it home.

I must confess to … Read Full Article “Blast from the Past: Viva Piñata – Holds up Well in 2020.”

Review: Terminator Resistance – Long on Price, Short on Content XBOX

Terminator Resistance is an excellent game that deserves its mostly positive rating, the content that is there, is well made, feels authentic to the Terminator IP and is of very high quality. The problem is the content is very lean and the price obese.

£4-6 Per Hour.

While many people have their own standard for what makes good value for money, a good rule of thumb for single-player games is £1/$1 per hour, some games such as Plague Tale Innocence … Read Full Article “Review: Terminator Resistance – Long on Price, Short on Content”

Lets Be Honest About: Is The RTS Genre Dead? PC

It’s repeated from Sub-Reddit to Sub-Reddit in loud voices and factless opinions, the RTS genre is dead, never to return, and as with most things, Reddit based, its entirely wrong, the RTS genre is far from dead, it’s coming back into its own, and with greater strength than ever before, the genre, however, is a genre that is undergoing a time of condensation and refocusing.

A New Golden Age.

Very much like MMORPG and Battle Royale, the RTS genre is … Read Full Article “Lets Be Honest About: Is The RTS Genre Dead?”

Top Ten RTS Games Worth Playing PC

We all known Starcraft, Warcraft and Age of Empires are the Kings of the genre, but the RTS genre goes beyond these Titans, let’s take a look at some other RTS which may scratch the RTS itch as we await Warcraft 3 reforged and Age of Empires 4.

While not all of the following games have large/active multiplayer communities, I feel they are all worth a play for the narrative aspects alone, even if the gameplay at times offers nothing … Read Full Article “Top Ten RTS Games Worth Playing”

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