Spellbreak Closed Beta 2: Leaps and Bounds.

Improvements Galore.

The difference between Closed Beta 1 and Closed Beta 2 is like night and day, last we saw Spellbreak in Closed Beta 1 it was a fun laggy mess.

What has changed for Closed Beta 2? Its now even more fun, a whole lot less messy, and the lag is gone to boot!

I never saw FPS drop below 60 even in frantic spell-slinging battles, and the world, while simplistic felt vast and inviting, with many a diverse … Read Full Article “Spellbreak Closed Beta 2: Leaps and Bounds.”

Platforms: PC Playstation 4

Roller Champions Closed Alpha – A New Contender Approaches

Roller Champions is one of the most unique and promising competitive sports titles to be announced in a decade, despite being in closed alpha, Roller Champions is already miles ahead of current market leaders, and its future can only get brighter if it maintains its current trajectory.

Why is it so Promising?

Roller Champions offers high paced, non-violent, and buttery smooth e-sport ready gameplay that has the ability to be marketed to a wide demographic. Kids will want to play … Read Full Article “Roller Champions Closed Alpha – A New Contender Approaches”

Platforms: PC Playstation 4 XBox One

Retro Review: Binary Domain (2012)

Binary Domain feels like an ancestor to The Division with solid cover-based shooter mechanics, but also something unique due to its voice command system, allowing players to bark orders at their semi-useless NPC buddies via microphone.

How does it Play?

The core mechanics are almost identical to Ubisoft’s award-winning third-person cover shooter The Division.

While Binary Domain is a far more dated affair, the gameplay loop is very similar, progressing through the map and taking down swarms of enemies.

The … Read Full Article “Retro Review: Binary Domain (2012)”

Platforms: PC

Review: BattleBreakers – Kinda Cringy, but Decent.

Battle Breakers feels like a western attempt to make an eastern game, with over the top whiney battle cries, flashy combat effects, and an intro theme that sounds like it was ripped from a mid 90’s animation.

The Theme Song is… “Special”

Battle Breakers reminded me of something I had not thought about in a decade, just how much I hate vocal theme songs in/about video games.

When I was eight years old the theme tune to the Sonic, the … Read Full Article “Review: BattleBreakers – Kinda Cringy, but Decent.”

Platforms: PC

Re-Review: Hurtworld

Hurtworld has been a roller coaster throughout its entire lifespan, from Early Access and into full launch, it’s encountered highs and lows that seem impossible for a game with its history.

Let’s have a look at some of these high and lows before we proceed.

  • Early Access Launch – December 2015 –  13,291 Peak CCU
  • Development Drought. September 2018 – 809  Peak CCU
  • Hurt World V 2.0  – January 2019 – 7,563 Peak CCU
  • Splitting userbase between 1.0, 2.0 and
Read Full Article “Re-Review: Hurtworld”

Platforms: PC

Review: Split or Steal

Split or Steal is a fun concept and one familiar to the tv show Golden Balls or the concept of prisoners dilemma, two players must trust each other or deceive each other in an attempt to get the largest amount of loot before cashing out, players who steal are rewarded with cash galore, but their reputation will suffer, and sooner or later they will face more and more people who choose to steal back, resulting in neither party getting any … Read Full Article “Review: Split or Steal”

Platforms: PC

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