The not So Epic Store. PC

The idea of the Epic store is one I can get entirely behind, I like that Steam finally has extra competition, I like that developers have a chance to get their games off the ground before being flooded with man-babies in the reviews and discussions, I am fully supportive of the better profit split that Devs get on the store, the problem is the support team just don’t seem to work that well.

Being a PC only gamer I picked … Read Full Article “The not So Epic Store.”

Things 2018 Taught us About Gaming. PC

2018 was one of the more eventful years for games in recent memory, with some significant successes, controversial launches and total flops we look back at one of the more tumultuous years in gaming long history and what it taught us.

Reddit Culture is a Problem.

Reddit should be a gamers best friend, all that info and community in a single location, its however become far from that, Sub-Reddits are mostly meeting places, not for fans of a game, but … Read Full Article “Things 2018 Taught us About Gaming.”

Review: Fear the Night : Hopeful about this one. PC


Yes, Snail games the greatest evil since Emperor Palpatine because… no one is sure, but it usually includes Reddit REEee about they are making money (that’s what a successful business does, making money = more development = more games for us) or for releasing a game into early (alpha) access that is.. of alpha quality.. shocking I know.. When will devs learn and start releasing finished/bug-free games into a program that allows early access to alpha/unfinished … Read Full Article “Review: Fear the Night : Hopeful about this one.”

Review: CSGO DangerZone : Its kinda Battle Royale..if you squint. PC

A massive sprawling map… umm kinda…no?

CSGo DangerZone has a large map for CSGO, but overall it feels puny, bland and rather.. CSGO, I don’t play CSGO for pretty maps I play CSGO for frantic, fast-paced action, and the design philosophy of CSGO map design doesn’t carry over well to a BR map, it just feels, amateur and lacklustre.

A huge variety of skins… not exactly.

CSGO boasts of a vast variety of weapon skins.. yay.. nothing like spending a … Read Full Article “Review: CSGO DangerZone : Its kinda Battle Royale..if you squint.”

Review: Stranded Deep: Yeah Exactly that… PC

It’s Deep.

Stranded Deep is an open-world survival game like so many others, however, what sets it apart is the depth of crafting and survival aspects, picking up coconuts isn’t a simple slot and snack ordeal, from climbing trees to cutting it open, there are a few more steps involved with everything you do.

Crafting also shares this philosophy with multiple stages being required to produce most items, this adds a deeper level of immersion which for a game with … Read Full Article “Review: Stranded Deep: Yeah Exactly that…”

Review: Worms Reloaded : 8 years isn’t a Decade. PC

Just a pet peeve out the way first, I see several people calling this game a decade old, a decade is ten, not eight years.. with that being said Worms Reloaded is close to getting its gaming social security, is it any good eight years after release?

How does it play?

It plays the same as almost every worms game since the 90’s decent fun gameplay with nicer looking graphics than the ’90s but honestly, its worms, if you like … Read Full Article “Review: Worms Reloaded : 8 years isn’t a Decade.”

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