Review: Tera – Tera-Iffic or Tera-able? PC

So much Pew pew pew, much pew, much wow. The Graphics, Combat, Sound, Abilities, Dungeons, PVP, Lore and world-building are all fantastic, combat is classic Asian MMO, and you get massive amounts of XP for from level content/mobs, I gained 5 levels in a single 15 minute dungeon, with DPS classes you can fly through

Review: APB Reloaded – Ain’t Perfect, Ain’t Half Bad PC

These Were My Streets, Filthy Dirty Streets. I’ve always wanted to to be a cop since a child watching the Saturday morning cartoon COPS, I have tried multiple police sims since and frankly, none have been that good, all feelings slightly.. dull and lifeless until now.. as you see I didn’t want to be a

Review: Crusaders of Light: A Mobile Battle Royale MMORPG? PC

Mercy Help us… This is the Most eastern of Eastern MMO, most Eastern MMORPG “oh hey keep going east and you find CoL” the currency is insane.. no, seriously you make thousands of coins for the most mindless of tasks, the login rewards give huge sums of loot, the online rewards give you loot every

Review: Xyson – Dying with Style PC

A Journey of Thousand steps. Creating any game is no easy task, creating an immersive MMO world, no matter how dead it maybe is a considerable achievement, Xyson isn’t bad, it  even has some fantastic features like one of the best building and crafting mechanic is have ever seen in an open-world sandbox MMO, the

Review: Total War Arena – Hotel Towels and Mini Soaps PC

It’s a good game but feels free. Like the free coffee you get with a cheap bagel and the tiny soaps at the hotel, something is just missing from free items that the paid versions have, and that’s polished quality and in the taste of coffee, the lack of the toxic aftertaste. Total War Arena

Review: PixArk – Minecraft and Ark Survival had a baby! PC

The best of Ark Survival and Minecraft. Two of the most significant game genres in the world have collided, voxel-based building (made famous by Minecraft) and dinosaur survival represented predominately by Ark Survival Evolved, with genes this good, you know the kid is going to be excellent, and Pixark does not disappoint, with cute graphics,

Review: Rainbow Siege 6 : 3rd year and the beat goes on. PC

A Poor Start, a Great Finish. The game is published by ubisoft.. we can all go home now, we know how it goes, begins awful, people riot, pitchforks are bought by the thousands, Reddit, forums, discords, and facebook comments get a high salt warning twitter is declared toxic by the CDC, however within about 1

Review: Fortnite Battle Royale – Season 3 Update! PC

The Road is long….. Fortnite has come a long way from when it launched, and while season 2 brought some changes, they were much smaller compared to this season, in this article we will look over the changes made to FortniteBR in Season 3 and see if they are an improvement over Season 2 and

Review: Robocraft Royale – The game no one needed or wanted PC

Oh …Yay..another battle royale… Battle Royale games have become the Zombie Survival games of 2018, and just like the sea of zombie survival games we have endured between 2014 and 2018, the massive success of PuBG and Fortnite Battle Royale means every dev worth their salt (and a whole bunch who aren’t) want to produce

Review: Deep Rock Galactic – A True Dwarf Treasure PC

Dig deep boys, mine me that goooold beautiful gooooold.. quick boys, quick boys. Dwarven greed has never been so fun. Deep Rock Galactic scratched an itch that you didn’t know you had, team-based resource collection and bug stomping action, forget zombies, our greatest threat here. Besides falling to your death when overstretching for some gems..

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