Review: Rune II : If a Tree Falls in the Woods…. PC

Well, that’s different.

Rune II, the sequel to the cult classic Rune launched to such little fanfare it seems half of the gaming media didn’t even know it was out, and the other half didn’t care, even Reddit is not talking about it, with the exception of the hiveminds who hate anything on epic store, they would rant about an emote being 1px misaligned for a good 400-500 comments, yet even they are barely talking about Rune II.

In fact … Read Full Article “Review: Rune II : If a Tree Falls in the Woods….”


Review: YLands: Only a Fools Hope. PC

Ylands is sprinting towards its 1.0 release. Honestly, the amount of dedication the development team have shown is remarkable, retaining around 1.5% of its player base, Ylands is far from a success, I would say it borders closer to total failure, and yet the game itself is not to blame.

Dayz, the gritty older sibling of Ylands, pulled a hail mary when it went from Early access to live release, growing its player base massively and even on its worse … Read Full Article “Review: YLands: Only a Fools Hope.”


Review: Deathmatch Classic : Houston we have a problem. PC

Deathmatch classic is still alive as in its staggers out a gargle and gasp once or twice a day.

Honestly, time has not been kind to this Deathmatch Classic, with a player base of around 16 people remaining, and a max ccu of 8, Deathmatch Classic will continue to slowly gasp for life until the last diehards move on entirely.

The game boasts of a terrible camera system, and servers which work only rarely, trying to login to the game … Read Full Article “Review: Deathmatch Classic : Houston we have a problem.”


Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – The New Gold Standard PC

Christmas comes but once a year, and we are all ok with that? Who doesn’t like the season of love and charity which commemorates God sending his son to save humanity at their darkest hour? For those who prefer the non-spiritual side of things, name another time of year where you can find freshly baked mince pies and Greggs turkey and stuffing pasties?

Christmas is one of, if not the most celebrated holidays in humanity, and it happens every year, … Read Full Article “Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – The New Gold Standard”


Review: Dota Underlords: Ahhh Thats better! PC

In my previous review of Dota Underlords, I was not very impressed, while I could see there was potential for something great, overall the game felt lacking in any real substance beyond the novelty of the genre.

The Big Update!

While it’s hard to nail down any one single improvement to the game, some of the best developments for me were in the area of alliances and passive buffs provided by the Underlords.

The expanded array of alliances between … Read Full Article “Review: Dota Underlords: Ahhh Thats better!”


Review: Fortnite : Chapter 2 – A Big Step Forward and Backwards PC

We all know what Fortnite is, and the Blackhole event is old news, and let’s not rehash were Brutes good or bad for the game, let’s look at Chapter 2 and what changed, what left and what’s new!

Bots Fun, Sad Fun.

Its always a good laugh to find a bot, from their stiff movements to poor choice of combat position, Bots are pretty much a free kill and loot source of near-infinite supply.

However, they are also in a … Read Full Article “Review: Fortnite : Chapter 2 – A Big Step Forward and Backwards”


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