Review: Jump Force : Hop, Skip and Jump XBOX

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting.

I will preface this by saying Jump force is probably the smoothest fighting game I have ever played and for me, the sheer speed and variety of combat moves places it at the top tier of the genre alongside greats like Tekken 7, Streetfighter V and Dead or Alive 6.

Being able to assemble a team of characters, including custom created heroes and quickly swap between them during combat made combat more dynamics and engaging … Read Full Article “Review: Jump Force : Hop, Skip and Jump”


Review: 7 Days to Die: Worth a Play in 2019? PC

It’s about time for an update to our review of 7 Days to Die, so without further delay, is & Days to Die worth playing in 2019?

I won’t rehash things we said in our 2018 review as they all still apply today. Instead, we will focus on changes and improvements to be found in Alpha 18.

I say to myself. It’s a wonderful world.

The random map generation is far more interesting and organic in a18 compared to previous … Read Full Article “Review: 7 Days to Die: Worth a Play in 2019?”


Review: Total War: THREE KINGDOMS: The King Sits Upon The Throne PC

I will begin off by saying this review is yet another that slipped through the cracks, despite having preordered Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, I only found time to dedicate to it October 2019.

Despite the lateness of my review, with the Holiday Season coming up, I thought it was a perfect time to review what is an excellent Fall/Winter past time.

Words are the greatest Weapon.

Diplomacy takes the forefront in Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, I won my most recent … Read Full Article “Review: Total War: THREE KINGDOMS: The King Sits Upon The Throne”


Review: TRAPPED: Plastic Men in a Plastic World. PC

Trapped while having all the systems required to make a good zombie survival game fails at every turn, not for lack of effort, but lack of quality, everything looks cheap and tacky, the map looks more like a plastic playset than an actual living world, the enemy ai is poor, and weapons don’t feel right, and while I can’t put my finger on exactly why they feel so awful, one thing I can say is they feel more like toy … Read Full Article “Review: TRAPPED: Plastic Men in a Plastic World.”


Review: WarZone X: without a whimper PC

People talk of the evils of Epic Game Store, but not of Steam Direct.

Epic Game Store gives customers and developers a fair deal, Steam Direct at times gives us lemons like WarZone X, a game which closed its servers within one month of launch, if it’s even launched at all, despite showing the release as being 28 Aug 2019.

Developer David C offered no form of offline mode or explanation for all servers being offline, and we reviewer who … Read Full Article “Review: WarZone X: without a whimper”


Review: Glitch Arena: Something isn’t right here. PC

Glitch Arena is a bog-standard Retro FPS with a non-existant player base, the 30-day average is 0.1 people, and yet it magically only has positive reviews which speak of the immense fun they have had, rather odd considering the game never had more than a handful of players and even the discussion hub is empty.

The game is not worth a purchase, and despite having only six reviews, all six are positive and even enthusiastic about Glitch Arena, something isn’t … Read Full Article “Review: Glitch Arena: Something isn’t right here.”


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